Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't let the flat tire fool ya! This ain't his first rodeo!!!!

Tootie & Les cooked up some killer Beer Can Chicken!

Redneck boat dock at the 3rd Annual Spring Redneck Yacht Club "River Poker Run" at Castle Hayne.

That's baby bro's boat. He's in the blue sweatshirt with his head turned back looking at JB's boat. That's my Dad sittin' in the back and sis-in-law sitting with Harleyman in her lap. It was in the 60's and we had some light rain.
Oh and that's Melinda with her back to us in the front of the boat, and that's Marvin standing on the dock. You'll see more of him later! Trust me!!!!

Gotta love us rednecks!
This was the beginning of the end for me. I don't remember a whole lot from last night! I've got bumps and bruises from head to toe. Melinda has a picture of me busting my ass on the slippery boat ramp during a piss stop. Hopefuly she will send me her pics and I'll post more. My battery croaked and I didn't get to take all the pics I wanted.

Harleyman with sis-in-law. And Melinda sittin' & workin' on her camera.
I told'd see more of Marvin!!!

JB at the helm.

That's I-40 going over the Notheast Cape Fear.

Baby bro, Dad, sis-in-law & Marvin
We would all stop at this boat at 4 different locations up river and pick a card in a sealed envelope out of the bag. Then back to the Edgewater Club building to pick the final card. I think 4 eights was the winning hand! None of our crew won anything, but the food and comradere was more than enough.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Ahead......ask me about my day!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey fellow bloggers!

Check out my friend Wendy Presseisen's gorgeous Folk Art prints and paintings! At

I gotta have that loving little Boston Terrier above and the little smushed face Pug below! They're certainly my favorite!

Go check out her Hot Dogs & Kool Kats! Also lots of other animals and landscapes too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Redneck Crime Scene Investigation

We've had a missing persons report of 5 baby chics.

I had determined through my vast crime scene experience that they didn't leave the nest alone. Further investigation led to the culprit. Seems he was still at the scene of the crime.

Hiding behind the "Spectracide" flea and tick spray? Like I would never think to look there?

Ain't it funny how the criminals always try to hide their face during the media press coverage?
I took him to the interogation area for further evaluation.
OK, seriously's hard to tell if this young little chicken snake ate the baby wrens? I don't see 5 lumps? It still looks kind a skinny, but it was moving slow like it might be in the digestive process.
One last mug shot before you hit the road.
I took the little buggar to the woods next door on the other side of the canal/drainage ditch and let it go!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I recieved my .....

Teeter Hang Ups EP-850 Flex Technology Inversion Table


I've been studying it for a while and finally bought one on the Home Shopping Network.

Wikipedia has a good article on Inversion Therapy.

And also some other good info.

History of Inversion


Inversion Benifits

It took me quite some time to get it out of the box and figure out how to put it together. I actually broke a sweat putting it together? Stress maybe?

Then I watched the video and figured out how to set it up for my height and level of use. Then used it for several minutes at a time before bed

Also....check out these YouTube Clips for more info!

This clip below has some really good info but it is quite long.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pick One!!!!!

Redstate Update at YouTube.....funny stuff!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is were I go to run and get away from all the traffic and hustle and bustle of life.

I have to let Ab & Em explore just a little before we take off on the run.

This is the only traffic we saw on this particular morning! Don't cha love it!
I'm a chic magnet! What can I say? Wait a minute?...It looks like they are running away from me?
Abigail says enough with the exploring. I'm ready to ride! This is how she let's me know she's had enough of the walking.
Abigail rides by herself until Emily is ready to ride.
Emily say's "Hey!......I'm ready to ride the "Short bus" now!!!"

I don't know why, but Emily does this to Abigail when she is happy! I'll be sittin' at a stop light near the house and see someone pointing to the back of my pickup. I'll look in the rearview mirror and see Emily humping away and Abigail just sits there and lets her do it?

Emily has to get out and run a few 1/4 mile intervals along the way.
Then she rests at the finish line when we're through.
I always try to walk it off afterwards. I guess I let Abigail out of the stroller too soon? I look behind and she's straggling way behind with this ( Hey the truck is this way) look on her face.
Then we turn around and she's the first one in the lead back to the truck?
She let's you know she's ready to get in the truck too!
Emily gets first dibs at the water bowl cause she ran the most!
This is the best part of my running regimine. Couldn't imagine having better running buddies?
We had such a good time I couldn't resist doing a double post on both my blogs!