Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey fellow bloggers!

Check out my friend Wendy Presseisen's gorgeous Folk Art prints and paintings! At

I gotta have that loving little Boston Terrier above and the little smushed face Pug below! They're certainly my favorite!

Go check out her Hot Dogs & Kool Kats! Also lots of other animals and landscapes too.


VE said...

Really...I mean who can resist a Pug face!

wendy said...

arent those doggies just so cute ;)
thanks for including me jimmy!

Uncivil said...

You can be the first customer!!!!

Thanks for stoping by my little blog! Love your work!

J at said...

Those are totally sweet! now if only she had a sheltie/keeshond mix, and call it "mutt" or "Gen", I'd have to buy one for Maya. ;) That pug is too cute.

Uncivil said...

Oh yeah....a painting of "Gen" with the old shotgun would be priceless!!!!!!

C said...

Oh, Jimmy! Those are adorable! I'm off to check out her links now!

C said...

I just checked out that link, Jimmy. Wow! She's so talented! The Garden Cats and the No Evil Cats are great too! Yes, I're not a cat person! They are great though! The Pug one is my favourite :)

Uncivil said...

I don't know why I'm not crazy about cats like I am dogs?
That pug is adorable!
I'm gonna have to do a post on my mom's Puglet. Gotta take some pics before they go home!!!

Rowing and Sowing said...

Wow! I love em all! And I love the cat ones that she's done, too. How cute! What talent! Jimmy, you would be crazy about my cats - LOL! Guess what Spider (that crazy cat of mine with the lizard - "Love is in the Air") brought me the other night? He waltz right into this den (I left the door open) with a A BULL FROG hanging out of his mouth! It was ALIVE and unharmed! All I saw when he walked in was two long appendages hanging out of each side of his mouth (I was sitting on the toilet of ALL places with the DOOR OPEN when I saw him walk in - with long THINGS dangling out of each side of his mouth. My eyes got big as pie pans - I had no clue what it was. I could only holler DROP IT NOW (as I was scrambling off the toilet!) And he dropped it! He just laid it down about 10 feet from me. I told everyone in the room "DON'T ANYBODY MOVE!" as I appproached it slowly only to see it was a BULLFROG! The part hanging out of his mouth was both back legs!! I froze in place and thought OH NO OH HOLY MOLY don't let this thing JUMP. I hollered again DON'T ANYBODY MOVE. I grabbed a bath towel and threw it over the Bullfrog and scooped him up and walked him outside. He was totally unharmed. If I could have found the song "Joy to the World" I would have done it on the skink (lizard) post. Those skinks are HUGE! I thought that thing was gonna attack my cat's head! He would have if I hadn't intervened. I had to shooo Spider away! He would have never recovered from the trauma had that thing jumped on his head! LMAO! That story about the feral cats in the ditch is hilarious! OK - let me shut up. I'm gonna swing by C's (this is my first time by the blogs in a long time - the making of puppy mash and playing with nine is a tough tough job!) :)

Uncivil said...

Rowing & Sowing
That would a been a good picture with frog feet hangin out Spidey cat's mouth! Again...again!!!!te he he.
I feel right at home every time I visit your blog!!!
Love them little niners!!!

Zoes said...

Hey unCivil...I me you sorta at Rowing and sowing's "How was your day?? tee hee, I hadda ask!

Uncivil said...

Hi Zoe
I love your avitar!

Zoe said...

thanks unCivil..yours is pretty kewel too..I'm glad Rowing found ya and shared you!