Saturday, May 17, 2008

Redneck Crime Scene Investigation

We've had a missing persons report of 5 baby chics.

I had determined through my vast crime scene experience that they didn't leave the nest alone. Further investigation led to the culprit. Seems he was still at the scene of the crime.

Hiding behind the "Spectracide" flea and tick spray? Like I would never think to look there?

Ain't it funny how the criminals always try to hide their face during the media press coverage?
I took him to the interogation area for further evaluation.
OK, seriously's hard to tell if this young little chicken snake ate the baby wrens? I don't see 5 lumps? It still looks kind a skinny, but it was moving slow like it might be in the digestive process.
One last mug shot before you hit the road.
I took the little buggar to the woods next door on the other side of the canal/drainage ditch and let it go!


Uncivil said...
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Uncivil said...

I figured I'd go ahead and break the redneck word code for ya!


Say it real slow with a southern drawl!

Em are snake!

Other person says

Em are not!

First person says

Es em are, see de itty bitty eyes

Other person says

El I be?.......Em are snake!

You have to hear my aunt Gretchen say this!!!!It's priceless!
She has dozens of sayings like this!

Rowing and Sowing said...

Oh how COOL is that?! Well, what I mean is - it's really neat you didn't kill the snake and had the chance to interrogate it and get up close and personal with it, even, and get pics before the great release to the drainage canal! I'm sorry the babes are gone :( And yep - that slow digestive move may have given it away. One day I'll have to tell you about the capture and release of a water snake (two) that we did last year. I'm certain on one of the snakes being just a harmless water snake. They were both aggressive as any snake I've ever encountered (striking vs. fleeing - "meaner than a rattle snake"). I was dancing and hopping all over the place trying to round that striking snake up while hollering "ARE YOU SURE THIS IS NOT A &*$&*$&$*&* MOCCASIN???"

Now to the code! LOL! I've heard the goldfish one before and can't remember it.

ABCD goldfeesh

LM aint no goldfeesh

OSMR too goldfeesh

(it's a southern thang aint it?)

Have a great day, my friend!

Uncivil said...

Rowing & Sowing

Yea, I had to look at it like Mother Nature taking the good with the bad.
I figure the little baby chics have been eating little worms all along, and now some gigantic worm comes along and eats them!
Chics Happen!

Uncivil said...

Rowing & Sowing
I just went by your blog post (Fine As Wine) and those pics with that song (Love is in the Air) just cracks me up!!!!
Perfect my dear!!!!!
Those rascally Geico lizards!

C said...

Wow! What a great post, Jimmy!!!! You crack me up :) I could totally hear this Southern detective 'movie' voice saying those things while interrogating the snake! Good one!

P.S. Great photos too!

Uncivil said...

Hey C

I keep going out to the nest looking for some kind of miracle, but no babies:(

My mom and I were sitting on my redneck mower trailer/ park bench just a few minutes ago.
I noticed a feral cat leaping through the air on the far side of the drainage ditch behind my property!

It had caught something? I was thinking....maybe the chicken snake got paid back? So I edged a little closer for a look.......then out of no where another feral cat pounces on the first cat.
They both lock ass'es sreaming like banshees all the while rolling down the ditch bank!
I was thinking....."please make it to the bottom".

They did.....both hit the water completely submerged and come flying out drenched to the bone and running up separate banks.

No more screaming .....well.....except for me laughing my ass off!!!!!

I wish I could have got that on video!!!!!!!!

C said...

LOL!!! OMG, Jimmy! That must have been hilarious to see!!! I really wish you could have gotten that on video! America's Funniest Videos would have loved that!

Hope you and your mom are enjoying each other's company and having a great visit! XO

jan said...

What a cute little perp. Does he need help with a legal defense fund?

Glamourpuss said...

Seeing those pictures makes me realise I'm quite afraid of snakes. Ew.


Uncivil said...

Good to see you back and doing well!

Nothin to be afraid of from a Chicken snake unless you are a baby chic or an egg.

J at said...

Oh, poor little wrens! I feel badly for them. :( But you're right, it's just mother nature, and heck, I don't want the snake to starve.

I need a gulley like that when the feral cats start yowling around here!

Shannon said...

That's so sad! Cute snake though! I have a couple of those in my shed, but they eat mice not little baby birds...

Uncivil said...


Yeah the old snake has to eat, but darn.......5 trips to the buffet?

Jeanna said...

Sweet little thing, how'd you get to be so lucky. What's going on in that shed, anyway? I'm green with envy. Or maybe it was something I ate.

Rachie-Babe said...

Fab post. I'm happy to hear that you've released this little criminal. ;-)

Uncivil said...

Catch & release....that's my motto! Works well with women too!!!!!

Uncivil said...

Lucky? I was just gettin attached to the little bastids?