Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is were I go to run and get away from all the traffic and hustle and bustle of life.

I have to let Ab & Em explore just a little before we take off on the run.

This is the only traffic we saw on this particular morning! Don't cha love it!
I'm a chic magnet! What can I say? Wait a minute?...It looks like they are running away from me?
Abigail says enough with the exploring. I'm ready to ride! This is how she let's me know she's had enough of the walking.
Abigail rides by herself until Emily is ready to ride.
Emily say's "Hey!......I'm ready to ride the "Short bus" now!!!"

I don't know why, but Emily does this to Abigail when she is happy! I'll be sittin' at a stop light near the house and see someone pointing to the back of my pickup. I'll look in the rearview mirror and see Emily humping away and Abigail just sits there and lets her do it?

Emily has to get out and run a few 1/4 mile intervals along the way.
Then she rests at the finish line when we're through.
I always try to walk it off afterwards. I guess I let Abigail out of the stroller too soon? I look behind and she's straggling way behind with this ( Hey the truck is this way) look on her face.
Then we turn around and she's the first one in the lead back to the truck?
She let's you know she's ready to get in the truck too!
Emily gets first dibs at the water bowl cause she ran the most!
This is the best part of my running regimine. Couldn't imagine having better running buddies?
We had such a good time I couldn't resist doing a double post on both my blogs!


Jeanna said...

Maybe Emily has been watching you in the rear view mirror.
They look so comfy and happy in there. Wish someone would put me in a stroller.
Sweet babies. Hey, why not bring two water bowls or learn the double pour.

Jeanna said...
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Jeanna said...

Sorry, bad luck with posting comments lately. Either it doesn't post at all or it double posts. I need to get outside.

Uncivil said...

It scares me the way your mind works sometimes! But I like the way you think girl!!!!!LOL!!!

Rowing and Sowing said...

I'm about to die laughing at those cute gals and the theory! hehehe

What a lovely place to get away from it all and move the bod' parts! And that little thing they ride in? OMG - is that not the TICKET!? I just LOVE IT!

Uncivil said...

Thanks sweetie. I need to get me an Ipod and download all your wonderful music to run with and I would be set!

Glamourpuss said...

So you live with a couple of lesbians who put on sex shows for you? Pervert.


Uncivil said...

They were both spaded at 5 months old.
I don't know where Emily gets her deviant side from? Maybe the doctor didn't remove everything he was supposed to?
See.....everybody focuses on that one little humping picture and misses out on the total post.
Kind of like when they are in the back of the's like.....people say....."look at that little dog humping that bigger dog" instead of...... "look at those cute little doggies"!

C said...

Oh my gosh, Jimmy! I LOVE this post! Those geese are adorable! Don't let Hubby hear me say that because we've got over a hundred (I kid you not!) of them bedding down in our fields. The geese, Sandhill Cranes and sea gulls are ruining our pasture and eating our seeding. I think they're pretty, but Hubby thinks their a nuisance!

I think it's so cute that Ab and Em get to ride in that buggy! It makes me laugh because I totally picture you as a really rough, tough and manly man...then I picture you pushing your girls in their buggy :) Toooo cute! LOL!

J at said...

Very cute, and I love that the dogs tell you when they want to ride, and when they want to walk and/or run. :)

As for the humping, is Em the boss? I've always heard that the dominant dog will do that, to show that they're boss. Hmmm.

Then again, my step mom used to have an old female spayed cocker spaniel that loved to hump a stuffed rabbit. Very strange. I guess she was boss!

Shannon said...

Looks very peaceful! Stroller? I thought my fur-babies were spoiled! LOL! Lucky pups...

Uncivil said...

I am rough and tough! If someone makes fun of it to my face....I just tell them...."how would you like an old man who pushes his dogs in a stroller to stomp a mudhole in your ass?"!!!!LOL!!!!!
Gotta love me!!!!

Em is the boss until it comes time to eat. Then she knows to stay the hell away from Ab's bowl!
Abigail get's total respect at feed time!

Abigail will be 9 years old next month, so I got to look out for her!

C said...

LOL! Love it!

Dang! I realized I wrote "their" instead of "they're" in my last comment. I hate it when I make stoooopid mistakes like that!

P.S. Sorry for scaring you! ;)

C said...

Hey, Jimbo!
Hope your Ma's having a good time with you :) It's nice when you can enjoy the company of family.

I was just at Rowing and Sowing's blog and wanted to let her know that her photos are wonderful. I love the photos of the puppies! So cute! Hubby enjoyed the tractor photos. Speaking of which, I had to drive tractor yesterday. LOL! Hubby had a tractor breakdown on the highway so I had to pull his tractor with another tractor. It was surprisingly FUN!!! Mind you, I was only driving 2 km/hr! LOL! It totally gives new meaning to "slow moving vehicle"!

Anyway, please tell Rowing and Sowing that her blog is AMAZING and that I always enjoy my visits there.

Well, I'm off to check out your other blog. XO

Uncivil said...

Mom has made her self right at home. She always has a good time when she comes to stay with me.
Her little pug "Lulu" really loves it when she gets to go to the river in the pickup.

Yeah, my southern gal pal at Rowing & Sowing has one heck of a sweet blog doesn't she.
You'll have to shoot me an email to forward to her.

You drove a tractor? Wait a minute! I didn't even think you could drive a stick shift? LOL!!!
Would have loved to see that!!!

I know I'm gonna catch some hell on my next post!!!!!LOL.....But I couldn't resist it!!!!!
Rowing and Sowing will love it!!! te he he!!!!!

Feather said...

OK, I love the stroller for the dogs!! Where can I get one?? That really is awesome!!!

Uncivil said...


I bought that bad boy on Ebay! I think it was around $100 and that included the shipping cost.