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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 my year in review!

OK....this should be my last posting for the year 2010. I tried to hold off from joining FaceBook for as long as possible, and the time I spend there has just about killed off this poor blog!

So here's the year in review......mainly just for my own personal memory log! Didn't use whole names just because I didn't want my friends to be directed here if someone googled their name!

Let's see.......January......
Learned all about Hawg farmin' from my buddy at Hog Heaven

Learned I didn't want to make a livin' raising hawgs, cleaning hawg houses, or operating and workin" on slurry wastewater reels? example;
Slingin' Shit as I used to call it!

Got into the nightvision and flashlight craze a little. Guess you could say I was on an Ebay binge for LED upgrades?
Bought this on Ebay for less than $400
Upgraded my older flashlights to LED bulbs, and aquired a few extra Surfires

Enjoyed the nightvision jaunts with Debra watching the deer and wildlife on the farm.

A good neighbor and a friend Teresa lost her grandmother. Went to SC for that. Haven't even had time to get over the death of another good friend Steve on Christmas day of 09? A truely remarkable musician, father to his children, and husband to his wife.
Buddy and Katy moved into their new home. I helped...just a little.

February......New washer & dryer. New hand truck w/solid tires. Upgrade wheel barrow to solid tires.
Buddy's father passed away. Mr Mercer you raised a great and loving family.
Lab tech Phillip at Castle Hayne plant has stints put in.
Start upgrading inside of my shed with insulation etc.

March......Ab & Em's yearly vet visit w/shot's etc. Sell some stuff on Ebay.....old cordless drill, and a night vision monocular on Craigslist etc.
Dad get dye injection in his back to find source of pain? On a Hibatchi cordless drill and saw buying craze via Ebay. Put doggie door and A/C unit in shed. Rick still trying to fix Debra's MicroRain gearbox! Doctor's can't find anything wrong w/Dad's back. Think it's a leg problem....vascular or nerve damage? Get Federal Tax return! Do Lifeline Screening in Burgaw. Healthy as a horse. Emily's teeth cleaned for the first time in ten years. She had a tooth pulled too! Dad got new A/C unit for his place.

April.....Finally got my chainsaw back from Dennis. Cut down trees behind my shed. Still getting Hibatchi tools from Ebay? Got new HP-35 Calc. for work. My 53rd year on the Planet complete? Mower blades for Mini Z via Ebay. Finally get NC tax return.
Buddy's Stepmom passed away. Miss Genny will be greatly missed by her children. A kind hearted soul and a poet.

May.....Mom come up to stay a couple of weeks!!!.....Abigails teeth cleaned for first time in 10 years....pulled 4 of her teeth???? Daayyuuumm...I'm so sorry girl! Took mom home and found out Tim had bought a new truck. Mom lost her purse with cell phone and over $600 cash? Washed mildew off vinyl siding of Dad's trailer & Barn for Father's day.

June.....Emily had intestinal worms? Got that taken care of with new heartworm meds. My teeth cleaned. Karen's uncle Phillip passed away.....I'm so sorry I didn't go to the funeral. Just been to so many lately and very depressed. Lot's of personal stuff not gonna mention?

July......Computer crashed and fixed. New external hard drive. New speakers for Computer. Ha.....Pure comment!.....
Engineers access QA lab for replacement. Dad and rest of relatives do the Ocean Isle bash for a week. I refrained this year. Attitude problems? Imagine that? I got to doggie sit Tot for Dad, plus I had Ab & Em to look after!!!
Got new DVD duplicator via Ebay. squeeze on the nose!!!!!LOL did a post on it.
Massive case of shits after night out at Hooter's??? Yearly physical with Dr Viser....massively overweight, but healthy. Washed Cell phone in washing machine, but brought it back to life with vacuum pump at work. Clint & Tim repairing trashed rental trailer.

August.....Family friend Darin R. passed away two weeks before his 45th birthday. His older brother Daryl passed away in 2008 and he was only 45. My heart breaks for their children and their parents. Their parents have lost their two and only sons in such a short time.
Everything else seems pointless that happened this month.

New fan motor and scales in furnace at Lab. Hot as hell this month! .....July and August SUCK!!!!!!.....Closed deal on first property in St.Helena near cemetery. Hurricane Earl passed us by.

Mom and Kathy up for weekend visit. Major yard work at St. Helena. Linda accepts offer to sell property on New Rd. Major clean up of St. Helena trailer. Mary & Dad do lots of painting. Old cell phone finally croaks from being washed in washing machine back in July. Get new one. Dad has Yard sale at St. Helena property. Build back porch Roof there.
Get new NCAT furnace at work. Abigail has a bad day where she can't hardly get up or down the steps etc, but it goes away the next day? Get minivan stuck in back yard at St Helena after massive flood rains. New tire on minivan!

October.....New back door for St. Helena. Bad incident w/ me and Dad over stupid shit at St. Helena. My fault totally....the asshole in me totally exploded? I'm sorry Dad, wish I could take back the hateful things I said!
Dad closed the deal on the property with Linda the next morning without me. Mail absentee voter's ballot in. Major repairs and upgrades on computer again. New hard drive, power supply, and two new fans. $140.00. Replace CV joints on minivan. Replace roller on sliding back door.
Swapped properties with Dad. He got the property near the cemetary and I got Linda's old place on New Rd. Water utilities in my name. Discovered VIP...happy trails, and happy endings!LOL

November.....Connect temp hose bib to water meter at New rd. Sell stock. New computer at work! Wonderful fish cookout at Buddy & Katy's...thanks!!! Cutting and burning trees at New rd. Hit a rock inside a cedar tree with chainsaw and messed up chain big time! Never seen a rock inside a tree before??? Neighbor Dave was T-boned and had his work truck totaled. Mrs E and Granny Eggs come by to visit! Made my day! Re-connect with a dear friend via FB. Haven't seen her since 82 I think? Thanks for helping me to get out and be more sociable. Do the Hustle!!!!LOL! Was out sick for a couple days from work. Saw a guy in a straight jacket at Pizza Hut. He was with about 4 other guys sitting at a table? He was able to eat somehow???? Haven't got a clue, but will never forget it! Visit Mom over Thanksgiving.

December.......Mom and Sis come up to get Pumpkin on the 3rd, a little Morkie puppy that my niece located just for her. Little did I know it would be such a blessing to Mom!

Dec. 11th, 18th, & 23rd w/my girlie little secret! No details, although someone didn't remember the 11th???? Our little secret. Do the Hustle! Highlight of the year...not to mention the month!!!! You will need a Top Secret Clearance to find out any more!

Mom and Dad both turn 76 this month. Crazy fun party at "The Hoot" w/Dad & Scott. Learned the "Pants on the Ground" song from Dad. Thanks for driving us home Kelly. Teeth cleaned! Christmas Party at Eddie's Granny Shack....killer oyster roast...Thanks Eddie & Miss Peggy. Visit Mom & Sis for Christmas. Pumpkin is so adorable. She gets along so well with Abigail and Emily. I think Emily has a crush on her? Good to see Mom so happy. Thank you Jessica for finding and getting Pumpkin for mom. Missy my sister's boxer put on a good show for us with her howling for food skills! Hope she makes it another year.....poor thing is getting old and frail.
My neighbors and best friends Dave & Teresa got married Christmas Eve morning before I leave for Mom's. Got to see them right before I left. I don't have to go back to work till 1/3/11. So I have to much computer time on my hands, hence this post. Sorry about the grammer or sentence structure......just jotting it down as I go. This is more for me than anyone else. I don't even want to look back at all the funerals I've been to this year. Or even the last 3 years for that matter. Lost so many good friends and family.

Today....Last day of 2010.......Killer breakfast at "What's Cookin' " with good friends Dave & Johnny.
Johnny actually beat me to the punch and paid for our breakfast?
Lunch at The Olive Garden with Rick.......we devoured 3 bowls of soup and salad.
Then Karen stopped by to get my baby girlies. Gotta share darn it ;-( I sit posting this, chatting on Yahoo with my girlie, and Facebooking till the New Year arrives. Oh....and drinking cheap wine! Duplin Winery wine! Naughty & Nice mixed w/ Hatteras Red!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Nov. 11 2010

Veterans Day was first proclaimed as Armistice Day by President Woodrow Wilson on Novemeber 11 1919 to reflect on the one year anniversary of the signing of the Armistice which ended World War 1 Nov. 11 1918.
It was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 by President Dwight Eisenhower,prompted by shoe store owner Alfred King from Emporia Kansas to celebrate all veterans, not just those who served in World War I.

So we actually started out celebrating the "Armistice" ...."a situation in a war where the warring parties agree to stop fighting".
I guess celebrating "Peace" wasn't a very commercial success for the businessmen of Emporia, so they made it ...all about the warrior......the Veteran.
And, I by no means am downing Veterans......I am one...and I salute them all......just looking at the truth!
Anyway....I just had to touch on the reality of the situation. Politics changed Armistice Day into Veterans Day.
War sells? I gotta admit it.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Rick's Rant of the Day

A funny thing happened in the history of the United States of America, the government vastly outgrew its worth. The by the people, for the people, became a not so funny joke. I stopped believing in the government long ago, but now I have come to the realization that I HATE the government. Cases in point: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemmens. These two fellows are in trouble for lying to congress!!!!!! Lying to congress????????? One more time, lying to congress????? I would think (if the charges are even true) that congress, being LIARS that have no equal, would be amused at someone even trying to get one by them, but in reality are going to try and send them to prison????? I personally would be more upset at stepping on a cockroach than lying to congress, and I can assure you that I despise cockroaches. Where is the crime, what business did congress have questioning them in the first place, and this outrage that someone might lie to them is a crock. Congress acts like they are something to be respected, WRONG, maybe something to be feared. But what they don't realize is this: If I respect someone and see they need help or are in trouble, I'll be there for them without even being asked. If I fear someone and see they need help or are in trouble, I'll do nothing to help and might join in to help rid myself of them. The federal government needs to DOWNSIZE, get back issues that concern all of the citizens, and forget this notion that they are something special. THEY ARE NOT!!! PROFESSIONAL POLITICATIONS NEED TO BECOME EXTINCT!!!!! IF the federal government wants to know what's wrong with this country, they need to open their eyes, put on glasses if necessary, and take a long hard look in the mirror................................................................... Lying to congress, lying to congress, GIVE ME A BREAK.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Guest post by my Buddy Rick

Will we ever wake up in this Country??????

How many people are sick of political adds? How many people truly subscribe to everything one political party stands for? How many people have decided that the issues that get trotted out every 2 years are always the same, and the people telling us that they want to fix them, are the same ones who have done nothing except pad their own pockets and the pockets of their friends (people that bribed them).
An extremely wise person once told me that anyone can complain, but they were only interested into listening to solutions.
So here we go:
1: Anyone stating lies, half truths, deception, etc., in a political add will be fined at least $1,000,000 and no longer be allowed to run for public office for life. (Life means life, no exceptions!)

2: No one can run an add for a canidate unless the canidate signs off on it.

3: Any add before it airs for the general public, must be listened to by the canidate for 8 hours in a row, if they still want to air the add, no more than 2 times a day, for 7 days. Yes, that means that the add CANNOT be aired more than 14 times.

4: Term limits for all so called public servents, with no benefits after leaving office.

5: Public servants cannot vote theirselves pay increases, it is on the ballot every 4 years and voted on by the public.

6: No more riders on bills, each bill stands on its own, all bills are made public.

7: The Federal government must downsize, if the issue does not apply to all United States Citizens, then the federal gov't has no business sticking its nose into it.

8: All Congressmen and Senators must abolish their pension plan, put that money into social security, and be in social security like everyone else. People that did not pay into social security cannot draw social security.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog days of summer?

Mowed the grass yesterday, then went to finish up with the weed eater. Got the back yard done and proceeded to the front.

I have a neighbor across the street who is in a wheelchair and has 3 pitbulls.

She's very dedicated to these 3 dogs and walks them with her wheelchair religiously. She even brings her poop scooping contraption and cleans up behind them. Problem is she dumps their poop on the deep end of a drainage ditch in front of my place.

I'm aware of this and SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER and just waited and sprayed it with "Roundup", but NOOOOOO......I got carried away and got a little to far into the ditch with the weedeater.

Next thing I know........that unforgettable smell of freshly laid dog squeeze permeates the air and it's following me everywhere I go. I just figured it was comming from the weedeater, but I kept smelling it after I put the weedeater up?

So I checked my shoes. poop there? Then I checked my pants and poop there either? I even left my shoes and clothes on the back porch just in case I missed something?

I walked into the kitchen and the smell was even stonger? WTF?????I was at a complete loss as to where that darn smell could be coming from?????

That's when I looked in the guessed it.....had two globs of fresh dog squeeze right on the end of my frikkin' nose???????

At that point all I could think about was the old skit from Cheek and Chong; "Looks like dog shit, smells like dog shit, feels like dog shit, tastes like dog shit. Must be dog shit. Good thing we didn't step in it!".

Sunday, June 27, 2010