Friday, April 24, 2009

Poodle from Hell????

Borrowed this photo from google images.....but, the little shit looked alot like this one?

I got home for lunch and there was the cutest little poodle sitting in the road in front of my house. It was wearing a red t-shirt and sat there like it owned the place? Completely adorable!!!!!!
I came out to where it was and it ran over to my neighbors and got under her car.
She said it jumped out of some lady's car at "Go-Gas" two days ago and no-one has been able to catch it since?

Well, it made the mistake of going in the fenced area behind my trailer and I shut the gate and trapped it in there!

That's when all hell broke loose? That adorable little poodle went frikkin' psycho when I tried to get my hands on her!!!
I can't count how many dozens of times I chased that crazy little bitch around and around my back porch and deck area? My shirt was soaked from perspiration, and I was giving out of breath?
I put some really thick long cuffed leather gloves on and she still bit the shit out of me. I finally managed to put a trash can upside down on top of her, but still couldn't get a good enough grip to grab her and put her in the dog kennel without her biting the shit out of me? She got loose again?

Then, I finally manged to corner her when she tired, and put a plastic tea pitcher over her head while she was biting the hell out of that damn thing and grabbed her behind the neck and threw her in the damn dog kennel!

No way, I was gonna let a damn poodle whip my ass??!!!!

I took her over to the neighbors and told her the best thing to do was put a bullet in that frikkin' psycho dog's head. Of course ,I could never do that but the thought sure as hell crossed my mind. Hell.....I bet the owner doesn't even want the damned crazy little shit back?

I talked to the neighbor when I got off work and she said animal control came to get the little shit and they couldn't figure out how in the hell I was able to get my hands on the little bitch? She said they had to use that damn noose on a pole to get her out of my kennel. They couldn't put their hands on her?
Say's they will keep her for 10 days or until someone claims her? I'd make dog food outta the little winch?

I swear...I believe that little bitch could whip Abigail & Emily's ass at the same time and then bitch slap a pitbull or two?

OK...I almost got done in by a frikkin' poodle...that does alot for my ego!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Puppy Love

It seems we have a local rescue/love story that should make national headlines if it were up to me.

My boss who lives in Jacksonville near Camp Lejeune brought the story to my attention just this morning, and said it has been an ongoing saga in the Jacksonville Daily News for many months.

A walker hound affectionately named "Buddy" was finally rescued Monday after a year of eluding his would be rescuers.

His saga began when Albert Ellis Airport employees here in Onslow County NC noticed him hanging around the airport last year. Although no one could get their hands on him, he somehow managed to capture their hearts instead.

Finally after some $3'200 in donations and lots of local media coverage over the year, a bright young lady decided to take matters into her own hands and lured him into rescue with the help of her little beagle "Roxie"!

Amanda Hickey with the Daily News staff has done a wonderful article on the rescue and I think Miss Terri Riggs and her beagle Roxie should be given some kind of award for Terri's smarts and Roxies magnetic animal attraction!

Read here.....Puppy Love Brings Buddy In

and archives here .......more on Buddy

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Picture time for the girls!