Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pick One!!!!!

Redstate Update at YouTube.....funny stuff!!!!!


Uncivil said...

I know I'm gonna catch hell for this post!!!!!!But....damn....that's some funny shit!!!!!!!!!

Feather said...

Your right, this is some FUUNY shit!
Hope all is well with you, I am lmao at this video!!!

Rowing and Sowing said...

LOL! I have no comment hehehe! All I do as I sit here trying to think of a comment is laugh.

(Does this constitute a comment?)


Uncivil said...

Rowing & Sowing

I love it. It doesn't matter what side of the fence you're's still funny!
At least I hope the Dems can see the humor in it?

J at said...

OK, I'm a Dem, and I agree...let's pick one! (the computer I use for most of my blogging doesn't have a soundcard, so I don't bother with youtube...) But this was pretty darned funny!

J at said...

I should clarify...I finally went on the other computer, and watched, and I laughed hard, and so did Py. :)

J at said...

Oh, and I kinda think that should be the slogan:
"fuck it, McCain!"

Uncivil said...

I know I should a dedicated this post to you my dear!!!!!!

J at said...

Well, you know I'm not voting for McCain, but hell, if these guys can be so funny and laugh at themselves and their image, then the left should be able to do so as well. :) And there's truth to what they say, the right is much better about getting behind someone and sticking there. Py always says the problem with the left is that we eat our young. (Not literally, don't call child protective services!)