Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mixed Feelings


Chrissy said...

Ooooh! This is a really neat photo!

Uncivil said...


I actually took that photo back in 2000.It's probably one of the best ones I ever took. Just need a better camera.
That's my ex's house now. Hence the mixed feelings!
I always find myself comming back to this picture like a haunting. It reminds me of good times and bad.
I think of the ducks. The pond is frozen over and they cant get in the water. I often wonder what's going throught their minds?
It reminds me of me. A lame duck out of water? A coldness and a frozen barrier I've placed around myself? A time lost, but preserved for me to look back at?

How could I have lived somewhere that beautiful and been so miserable? Will I ever be truly happy?

That's why I read your blog, because it makes me smile.

J at said...

What a gorgeous picture...I thought the mixed feelings had to do with the ducks wanting to swim...but then I read your comment about it being your ex's house...poignant.

Uncivil said...

Thanks J

On the bright side, the snow has covered up all the duck shit quite nicely!.........pungent.

Glamourpuss said...

Beautiful photograph. The contrast between the vibrancy of the ducks' bills and feet and the monochrome of the landscape is stark. That includes the house - choose the vibrancy of life with the ducks and stay out of the frozen water that takes you back to your ex...


Uncivil said...

I wish I could put my thoughts to words like you. I look at the picture and all I can come up with is duck shit?
That little house would have been perfect if it wasn't stuck in the middle of "Village of the Damned" with a home owner's association.

Rachie-Babe said...

I love this photo. It reminds me of my parent's place.

Uncivil said...

Now it reminds me that I'm probably your parents age?

Autumn's Mom said...


You are too effing cute man. Thanks for luv. It was needed.

Yours cybersexually,


(wink wink)

Uncivil said...

Autumn's Mom
Us cyber sexy rebels have to stick together!

Chrissy said...

Hey there! Thanks for the e-mail :) You're so sweet to look out for everyone the way you do! Hmmmm...surprising for someone who is supposed to be "uncivil"!! ;)

As I said before, I love the photo. It evokes certain feelings that I can't describe. It's sort of a happy yet sad feeling...if that makes sense. It's sort of a "Do I want to be brave and take my chances? Or do I want to play it safe?" feeling too. What you wrote about it being your ex's place further exemplifies the duality in this photo. Ahhh...I know. I am such a dork! LOL!

Steph said...

That is an amazing picture. Truly beautiful.

Ms. Mamma said...

Beautiful, Jimbeaux!

Anonymous said...

Hello all... the 'X' here :-)

Jimmy, you forgot to tell them that the ducks actually DID walk on the ice. Amazing what a duck will do for that lil' bit of corn we threw out on the ice... lol

And just for the record... that was 'our' house for 12 years. I grew to love it, you grew to hate it. Only fair the one that loved it wound up with it. I look around and see your handy work everyday. The fence you built still amazes me. It turned out beautiful. Not to mention the the 'Jim Baker' doggie condo. Most people that see it... have to look twice... then just shake their heads... they just don't understand how much we love our babies.

You have a great site here hon. I never knew you so articulate and had such great writing skills.

And I enjoyed your thread on being grateful. I'm grateful that we are able to share Emily and Abigail and get along. I'm also grateful you talked me into getting Emily. I didn't want her... but somehow you knew she would be perfect. She is without a doubt the most precious gift I have ever received. See, you were right at least once! LOL... ok... you have to be laughing that too ;-)


Uncivil said...


It's not as simple as me hating the house!

I didn't hate the house! I hated the county, and the town,and the homeowners association it was in!

I've never lived in an area with more incompetent people behind a cash register,a steering wheel, a desk, or even a shovel! I'm ashamed that my grandparents/family are from the adjacent (twin in work ethic) county!

I hated your job! And I hated that you loved the house and the job with all the baggage it brought, more than you did me!

I just didn't have the sense to leave before it drove me completely mad! I wasn't strong enough to leave you for my own fvcking sanity! Thankfully you were strong enough for both of us!

Me articulate? You've got to be kidding? I wouldn't make a pimple on my readers ass'es?

I'm sorry, just thinking about that community makes my blood pressure rise, but that's my problem, not yours.

The picture looks like a fantasy land with the snow and ice, and now you see the reality it brings to mind when I get below the ice and snow.

I don't mean to sound harsh! I'm really working on that! Time heals all.

PS. Ab & Em were estatic to go to the river today. Thanks for bringing them early! They are about the only ones who truly understand me!LOL!!!