Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I can be such a negative little bastard, so I've decided to try to make a list of things that I'm glad about, or thankful for.

I'm glad that I had two parents who tried to instill a sense of right and wrong in me as a child, and make me go to church even if I didn't want to. I don't follow that doctrine now, but I'm glad I was raised in that environment.

I'm glad that I grew up in the 60's when life was much simpler and watched TV in black & white, and had grandparents with no indoor plumbing and had to use an outhouse.

I'm glad my grandad taught me how to whittle and make my own slingshots, and bow and arrows.

I'm glad we didn't have all the fancy toys that kids have today, because I would never of had the imagination to take an empty "Quaker Oats" box with some tobacco twine and make my own imaginary scuba tank and face mask to play "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea". Yes, I dove off the bunk beds into the floor and pretended to swim underwater.

I'm glad I had a childhood friend who taught me to catch snakes, lizards, and turtles. I'm glad we were smart enough to study which snakes to catch and which ones to leave alone. I'm glad he took it as serious as he did.

I'm glad for the summers that I spent on my grandparents farm and was able to see how chickens, pigs, cows and various other livestock were raised back then. They actually got to live a pretty good life in those days. The commercialization of livestock (especially swine and poultry) in this modern era is appalling.

I'm glad none of the bamboo poles I used to pole vault over Mom and Dad's car ever broke.

I'm glad my Dad was a mechanic, and was able to provide my little brother and I with (Go-Carts & Mini-bikes) even if they only had 3 or 4 horsepower! I'm also glad he let us have ponies and horses, and "Bill" the cow. She was a manly looking cow!

I'm glad I didn't bite into that horseshit sandwich my little sister made for me on the trail ride.

I'm glad my parents didn't divorce until I was 27. I'm glad they are still around and I have a good relationship with them and my little sister and brother.

I'm glad I married my ex even if it didn't work out. I'm glad we're still friends. She probably kept me out of a shit load of trouble for those 15 years of marriage.

I'm glad for my job, and I'm glad to live in one of the most powerful nations on earth. Of course I don't know how long either of those will last?

And last but best of all, I'm glad to get to snuggle up with my little Boston Emily, and my Bullie Abigail and go to bed tonight under some cold A/C.


Dan said...

Jimmy, I knew you had a squishy center! Great post!

I'm glad my grandad taught me how to whittle and make my own slingshots, and bow and arrows.

Holy crap! Your grandfather was cool! So was mine ... he taught me loads of great curse words in Polish! :)

Glamourpuss said...

Aw, see, it's much nicer when one considers all the good things.


Autumn's Mom said...

Where the creme filling?? haha Now I know. You've got some good things to be thankful for Jimmy...I'm glad you are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside ;)

Hope said...

What have I wrought? Is he coming over to the Pollyanna side of the force?
The more, the merrier!

Uncivil said...

Thanks folks!
Gosh, I feel so vulnerable! I'll be back to the old asshole in no time!!!!!

Variant E said...

I loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as a kid. I have no idea what it was about but it was great! I did a blog awhile back with my 5 favorite after school shows I'd watch and that was one of them. Wild Wild West and Star Trek were at the top of the list of course. Land of the Giants was on there too though!

Uncivil said...

variant e

Thanks for stopping by man. Yes I liked Wild Wild West with Robert Conrad & Ross Martin, and I was a fan of Star Trek too. Spock was my favorite. I missed out on Land of the Giants somehow?

Ms. Mamma said...

Sweet! Can I FedEx you two raunchy pugs? Awesome post, James.

Uncivil said...

I like it when you call me James!:)
How did you know I was into raunchy pugs? I like your Boudoir Redux!

Chrissy said...

Awwwwwwwww! That was such a sweet post! I love it!

Oh, you forgot one thing! You're glad you 'met' Chrissy! LOL! ;) *jokes*

Uncivil said...

That was a good one Chrissy! Right on!!!!!!!!!

Rachie-Babe said...

Bravo for you!!!