Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello, is Mr. Asshole home?

I just got through reading J's post and it got me to thinking! Damn, that's dangerous......for me to think....that is!

It's a meme and although I wasn't tagged it looked like time for introspection. I won't be tagging anyone else either!

Anti Racist Meme

1. I am:

A very mixed up individual. (English,German, Scottish,Irish,?,?) I used to be blonde, blue eyed, now it's just gray haired and bloodshot eyes! I do know that I am 100% Asshole, and I battle it daily!

2. My child is:

Non-existant! Unless you count doggies?

I decided I didn't want children from a very early age because I didn't want to change shitty diapers. Also, I was quite a rotten little shit, and as I aged, I decided I didn't want to reap all the rotten shit I have done.

Now that I am an old fart, I look at our government run school system, not to mention the way the government is knee deep in all our ass'es and I'm kind of glad I don't have children.

3. I first started thinking more about race, culture, and identity when:

Gosh, I guess I was 5 or 6 years old visiting my grandparents back in the early 60's. My grandparents were farmers and raised tobacco for a living in southern NC. I noticed people of a different color for the first time while there.

There were these old black ladies in the shade of Grandad's pack house tying up tobacco on sticks. I was very intrigued with our physical differences to say the least. Then one of them spit on the ground and it was black? Black spit?????

That vision was burned into my little brain. I ran around the corner and spit on the ground for comparison. Mine wasn't black? I thought black people had black spit, and white people had regular clear spit? How was I supposed to know she was chewing snuff?

Needless to say, my grandad treated these folks with the utmost respect, as he taught me and there were many of them at his funeral some twenty years later!

4. People think my name is:

Asshole! really.....most people have no trouble with my first name. They usually mispronounce my last name, but I couldn't remain the anonymous asshole that I am if I told you that.

5. The family tradition I most want to pass on is:

Whoops, missed out on that one? I have no one to pass anything on too except my two nieces, and I don't want to corrupt them!

Everybody tells me I would have been a good father!
I've got their ass'es fooled! Bwhaaaa,,,haaaa,haaa

6. The family tradition I least want to pass on is:

I'm such a dummy,and I can't begin to tell you how many times I've edited this post.

The only tradition I can think of at the moment is that my Dad, my brother, and I always go to Hooters and drink beer and eat chicken wings when it is one of our birthdays. So, I get to go to Hooters at least 3 times a year. We wouldn't want to pass that on to my nieces, and I surely hope niether of them decide to work there!

7. My child’s first word in English was:
8. My child’s first non-English word was:

Number 7 & 8 Doesn't apply to me. Wow! Look how not having kids saved me time here!

9. The non-English word/phrase most used in my home is:

"Hola", as in AssHola!!!!!!

10. One thing I love about being a parent is:

See number 2 , 7 & 8!

11. One thing I hate about being a parent is:

See number 2 , 7 & 8! Wow...this is getting easier and easier!

12. To me, being an anti-racist parent means:

Teaching your child that we are not all created equal, but we all have equal opportunities!
There are people who will have more and there are people who will have less so live with it! And always remember the world does not revolve around you!!!!!!!!

When you notice other people’s differences, strengths, and weaknesses; concentrate on their strengths, and forgive their weaknesses.

I believe we as humans are racist by nature. We tend to notice other cultures weaknesses, more than their strengths. We're just like the media in that aspect, good news just isn't news, but bad news is good for business or gossip in our case!


Now, all that leads me to this.........

I don't like having to defend myself from being a racist! It seems to me that the ones hollering racist are more of a racist than I am.

I don't know what to call them? If I call them "they", then I'm a racist?

So, here goes something to ponder; how do you tell your child why "they" have Black Miss America, but "they" don't have White Miss America, or Jewish Miss America, or Puerto Rican Miss America?

How do you tell your child why "they" have Black MTV, but not White MTV, or Jewish MTV, or Puerto Rican MTV?

Why do I have to defend myself from using the "They" word?

Why is it racist to be white?


Diesel said...

Too bad they don't have Brazilian Miss America. That would be hot.

Uncivil said...

Brazilian Miss America without their Braz would be even hotter!
Damn, now i'm a sexist?

Rachie-Babe said...

Wow--that is quite the photo. ;-)

Uncivil said...

You would be surprized what you can find when search the word asshole under Google images. Now I'm an asshole for stealing it!

Glamourpuss said...

To answer your question properly would take a lot of typing. But in the short run, there's a lot of middle-class guilt at play, and a lot of people who sense an advantage and exploit it.

The school I taught in was predominantly white, one chippy black kid would pull the race card every time you had to tell him off for poor behaviour. I watched colleagues floored by this. When he tried it on me, 'You're just down on me because I'm black.' I told him he was just being disrespectful and talking back to me because I was a woman. We can all play that game. Little shit. Then I stuck him in detention.


Uncivil said...


Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are the two highest paid exploiters that I know of!

I like that. Now I have new ammunition. When they say "You're a racist" I'll say "Well, you're an Exploitist"

Unless they're Islamic fascist, then they would be "Explodist"

Autumn's Mom said...

Shoot, I plead the 5th on this one. That has got to be the craziest picture I've ever seen. Yea, I don't get out much.

J at said...

Hmmm. I think I would clarify to say that we are all created with the right to be treated equally, that we are all deserving of the same level of respect and fairness, until we act in such a way that we relinquish those rights.

I wish we all had the same opportunities. How would you feel if you could fuck up job after job, and still get to be president? Awesome, huh? And not to be playing politics, I think that can be fairly said of many people in power, left and right...they fuck up, they're forgiven and retain power, because they have MONEY. Wait, what does that have to do with an anti racism meme? Nothing? Sorry.

That picture is crazy, though. Gotta love those image searches. :)

Uncivil said...

Autumn's mom
Are you pleading the 5th on agreement that I'm an asshole!LOL


I stand clarified. You're right " that we are all created with the right to be treated equally"!

We certainly aren't all created equal, and I guess we don't all have the same opportunites?

We are only physically equal in our humanity,or spirit!

We all have the opportunity to do what's right, and make the best with what we have!

Hey, I get off on a tangent all the time. I understand where you're comming from.

Good things come from our anger and frustration sometimes.

Hopefully things will get better when my buddy George is finally out of office.
Unless your buddy Hillary takes over?LOL!!!!!!!

Chrissy said...

Even when you try to be an asshole, you still come across with answers that are endearing! LOL!

I was thinking of what I'd write for this meme. I grew up being one of the only Asian kids (with the exception of my brothers and my cousins) in my neighbourhood. We grew up in French Canada and most of my friends from kindergarten to high school were 'white'. It was only in university that my group of friends was broadened. For the longest time, I forgot that I wasn't 'white'!

I've got heaps to say about racism and social injustice, so I won't get into it! LOL! I've seen crappy things happen to certain groups of people. Nothing has really ever happened to me personally, but I've seen how horribly some people can be treated and it just makes me sad, mad, angry...

Anyhoooooooooo...Glad I'm back from my short trip so I can catch up on reading your blog! xo

Uncivil said...

Welcome Back Chrissy

I was in highschool back in the early 70's during desegregation, and forced busing of children to different schools.

I didn't know why they hated us? But I grew pretty good at hating them back!

I had Asian friends in highschool, and they were just as white as we were, because the black kids would jump there ass'es just as quick as they would jump mine.

I had my ass kicked by blacks plenty of times, and I guess I should be grateful because they taught me how to fight!

Luckily I grew up to understand their predicament a little better and here I am years later trying to forgive them for the shit they did to us white kids in school, AND THEY HAVEN'T FORGIVEN US FOR THE THINGS OUR FOREFATHERS DID TO THEM 100'S OF YEARS AGO!

It's a sensitive subject for me. I have the "be your best friend or worst enemy mentality".

Beenzzz said...

It's true, people aren't all created equally. Some are very intelligent and the rest are dumb asses.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by Beenzz! I feel like a "dumbass" after reading your race post! I love your attitude!!!!!!!!

Beenzzz said...

Thanks! Most people are put off by my attitude, but I figure they can just bite me. :)

Uncivil said...


I heard Neal Boortz refer to the the American voters as the "Dumb Masses"! You gotta love that!