Friday, May 11, 2007

Lulu and Maggie, my Mom's doggies. She's up visiting for a week or two! I'll get more pics later.
I wish you could have seen them sniffing the little iron doorstop doggies ass. I couldn't get a piture of it! Dang it!

The High Priestess Emily is daring anyone to challenge her domain! Looks like I have the remote on paws!LOL!!!!!!!!


Chrissy121875 said...

Have a great time with your mom this week! :) Bet it'll be nice to spend time with Ma and have some good home cookin'!

PS. Nice place you've got there, Jimmy :) Cool placemats! Me likey!

Steph said...

Good God those dogs are scary!!

Uncivil said...

Thanks Chrissy

LOL!....You like my el cheapo $1.00 placemats! That's funny!

Hey Steph

Nuh uhh!

Uncivil said...


What's really scary is their breath! My mom's two dog dogs have the worst breath. They need a good teeth cleaning! But Maggie is rather fond of the doggie poop buffet, so I doubt it would help!