Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boston, Basket, Bike


Polly Jean said...

what a great picture. a watercolor?

Dan said...

What's this? Something by one of those French Impressionists or something? I see a damned baguette over there. This must be French.

How about some great American art? How about those dogs playing poker? Now that's art.

Uncivil said...

I don't know anything about art. Couldn't tell a watercolor from finger painting!LOL
It's just a birthday card I got a couple of years ago. I liked it so much that I scanned it. I guess I need to get Ms.mamma's advice on what to frame it in. She's so creative!

I know, I'm straying from my redneck roots! I'm glad you let me know that loaf of bread was called a baguette. I should have consulted you earlier. I could have titled it Boston Baguette in a Basket!

The "dogs playing poker" picture is the mantle piece in every true redneck American dog owner's home.

Chrissy121875 said...

Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Is that ever sweet!?!?!

LOL...Dan you are too funny!

Uncivil said...


I just love the expression on that puppy's face. Like "'s my world....your just livin in it"!

Glamourpuss said...

That dog looks far too pleased with itself. Is the phallic loaf a metaphor? The bike rider looks promisingly attractive.


Uncivil said...

Oh you've ruined it for me:(
I never saw past the cute little Boston and his/her expression on that cute little face.
Now I'll be looking at the frikkin Phallic Baguette with the the testicle looking red ball/apple.
Jeeze......and I thought I had too much sex on my mind?