Saturday, February 11, 2006

Muslim-Americans defend free speech, despite blasphemous' cartoons

Imam Mohamed Magid, executive director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Northern Virginia, said while he understood Islamic offense at the cartoons, Muslims would be better off protesting defamations against the faith perpetrated by their co-religionists.

"Prophet Muhammad is offended every day when somebody blows themselves up in a marketplace in Iraq. He's offended whenever somebody is beheaded. Prophet Muhammad would have opposed the burning of these embassies, or calls to kill Danes or other people," Magid said. "You can't be untouchable and then call other people infidel."

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This is good to "Imam rejects Muslim rioting". I'll edit and post more as I find them.

Still another slant from the Kurdish Media?

I hope my Muslim friends agree?

Also would like comments on "A’isha: Mohammed’s Nine-Year Old Wife"

Has anyone heard of Muhammad having a 70 year old Jewish woman, named Om Kerfa,slaughtered by putting her between 4 camels and forcing the camels to walk in opposite directions? I can't find anything on the Internet on this subject. Hopefully just a bad rumor?


Tee said...

thats all right. i mean Muslims arent the best of ppl we all know that, but that still doesnt justify the blasphemous cartoons. u cant blame the Prophet for the moral corruption of hi Ummah, can u? should u?
i agree that the violent reactions are not a wise way to protest, and yet.........
i took part in a protest demonstartion today myself, but it was a silent one and we made proposals in it. i guess thats better than burning off embassies.

Uncivil said...

I understand your frustration but isn't God greater than a prophet? Isn't a prophet a mere man?

It would have been better if cartoons (however offensive?)would have just been ignored by mainstream Muslims.

I don't know how to explain?

example: You have baby #1 lying in crib. It cries. The mother rushes to it's side to console it. The baby soon learns that crying will bring relief in the form of the mother rushing in to comfort it and hence cries all the time about the least bit if discomfort or insecurity. The baby grows up to expect others to pamper it anytime it has a complaint.

You have baby #2 lying in crib. It cries. The wiser mother lets the baby cry itself to sleep. This mother is not being mean and only comes to the baby's side when something really serious is wrong. The baby learns to rely on itself and grows up to make itself comfortable and is not concerned with the foolish actions of others.

agggh,,,not quite good example
but hope you get the point.

Anyway...glad you stopped by!

Have a wonderful weekend....Jimmy