Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hello World

I'm sick as hell. Coughing to the point of almost vomiting, and nose bleeds. I was so proud for not being sick in a long time, but the flu/cold bug has finally done me in!

I just want to share what prompted me to start this blog.

It actually began with the Internet surfing for information on the Muhammad Drawings by the Danish Newspaper (Jyllands-Posten). I came across a very interesting blog called "The Shadow of the Olive Tree". It was loaded with information on the drawings and had created quite a stir with the readers. It had many, many comments from all over the world. the Good ole American Redneck that I am, decided to put my short but comic jabs into the Muslim dilemma. I don't have the intellect to hang with most of the writers on that subject.

There were very good arguments for both sides, but I liked a fellow's by the name of Mark the best. He basically said "If you can't laugh at will become the laughing stock of everyone". I say a big hell yea to that....I'm my own laughing stock sometimes. We all do stupid stuff, and we always will. We just have to get over it.

I came across another comment of interest which I later found out was by a young lady from Karachi Pakistan.I studied her writings before I looked at her profile and was shocked to find such wisdom ,along with some innocence coming from a 20 year old child. I wanted to post a comment on her blog, but soon found out I had to become a member before this would happen.

So.....that is how this blog "Uncivil" got started.

My friends know how I got the name "Uncivil". But I will share it with you anyway. My ex got a personalized license plate for her car that read "Imcivil" because she is a Civil Engineer and she has an outgoing personality to match the civil part of one's personality.

So naturally I had to have one that read "Uncivil" to be the opposite of her and match my sometimes uncivil personality. But I'm an old softy at heart. So don't take it the wrong way.
I'll be back.........Jimmyhad

PS..........Just a spoof on Jimmy's inner struggles! LOL!


Tee said...

Hi Jimmy,
u didnt leave a link to ur blog on mine to link back. it took some time but i found ur blog anyway! :-)
i dont think m old enuff to match the intellect level of others who've been arguing upon this "cartoon issue"- but i have one simple point. being a Muslim and then a Pakistani is some sort of a curse these days on the international front. the first adjective which is used for ur these days is 'terrorist'! being from that part of the world- the third world as u 'first world-ers' call it, i ve been trying to find a common ground for discussion and debate so as to better analyze the whole situation. like why do we as Muslims are so intolerant, and why the west being the civilised people dont show their civilty?
being a media student, i am a big proponent of press freedom myself but every journalist/media professional should know that 'freedom comes with a responsibility'. Abuse that responsibility and you get what u got!
and this is perhaps the best example of gross abuse of responsibilty; its no more a question of press freedom for millions of muslims around the world- the Danish and other ppl for that matter should understand and respect this sentiment.
I am in no way denying the immorality of Muslims all over, muslims no doubt have turned into low-grade citizens, abusing the law, being intolerant and what not! BUT that does NOT mean in anyway that it is because they are muslims. Islam does not teach all that to us- study Islam a bit and u'll get what it is all about. its a complete code of life unlike many other religions. the reason why muslims are in such a deplorable state today is because they've left their own religion, their own values.
read the about the life of Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him), and u'll get a picture quite contrary to what the Jyllands-Posten showed.
So the point here is that Muslims maybe a bad lot, BUt their leader was definitely a role model in all its forms and the Danish papers should have considered the sentiment attatched to the holy figure.
I am sorry for being so long, my comment must have not been in proper flow but i hope u get my point!
and i completely agree with u on being able to laugh at ones' follies and accept mistakes. and yes i think that discussion and debate might help us acheive a common platform!!
Peace! :-)

Uncivil said...

Hi Tee

Thanks....I'm honored that you would be the first to comment on my blog.

You understimate your intellect. I will learn from you.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read your statement "why the west being the civilised people dont show their civilty?" I guess the name I picked for my blog fits my country eh?

The scariest quotation on my blog comes from Voltaire ;"If you have two religions in your land, the two will cut each other’s throats; but if you have thirty religions, they will dwell in peace."

It's beginning to look like the Muslims and the Christians are those two? I'm not very religious myself, but I consider myself a "good man", and I have an ex-wife who will even testify to that. How many divorced men do you know that can claim that? That means more to me than any religion. being a Media student knows best that "control of the media controls the masses".

That's why I like blogging. It gives the individual some control.

I grew up as a teenager here in the 70's during racial intergration. It was the blacks against the whites.

As a kid all I knew was that most blacks hated me just because I was white. So I adapted the hate them back theory and even hate some of them first.

I figured I was right and they were wrong. But as I studied history, I found all the reason's that the blacks hated the white man. Then I thought...darn...If I was black, I'd hate the white man too.

The media played a big part in overcomming the black vs. white delemma.

The best part for me was becomming to appreciate black comedians. Everyone loves to laugh! The TV was filled with Bill Cosby, Redd Fox with Sanford & Son, The Jefferson's, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and the list goes on.

Is comedy not a part of Muslim Culture? I mean we need some Muslim Comics, Muslim TV sitcoms/dramas, etc. That would be a start in the mass media.

I've rambled enough.....but I truly enjoy our discussion.
I will remeber to leave link this time.

It has been my pleasure and your youth is the worlds future!