Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Mandatory DNA Sampling for Americans ARRESTED"

I got into some trouble with the Feds a few years back, selling Body Armor on Ebay. I had to report to one of their offices here in Wilmington NC to give them a DNA sample today. This really scares the shit out of me. What in the hell is our world comming to?

"While some advocates of forced DNA databasing argue it is no more intrusive than taking a fingerprint, DNA is far more than a mere reflection of a physical characteristic. Your DNA not only identifies you physically; it also could tell whoever possesses it a great deal about your biological makeup, health, propensity for certain diseases, aspects of your ancestry and more."- Former U.S. attorney and congressman Bob Barr

Been surfing the net to find info on it and there is so much info out there that I can't make up my mind what to post.

Here's Bob Barr's comments! On ParaPolitics

Comments welcome!'re friendly neighborhood ex-body armor dealer

PS...Here's a good article on "Operation High Bidder" which was a sting operation I got sucked into on Ebay. I guess Mr Rose decided to fight it. I didn't because I wanted it to just be over with and I would probably be just like him......still fighting it and deeper in debt! Check out the video in the side bar of the link for "Operation High Bidder". I can't figure out how to link it directly here yet. It really brings back memories for me!


Edward Ott said...

wait so i can walk into any gun store and buy a shot gun no questions asked. but if i want to get body armour, purely definsive the FBI get involved sounds a bit upside down to me.

Uncivil said...

Hi Edward

Yes I was very naive. I started Ebaying in April 2001. Started shopping at the flea markets around Camp Lejeune, and Fort Bragg. I was finding lots of Military issue body armor for sale at the flea markets not to mention yard sales and Pawn shops. I have actually seen pallets of it at one particular Pawn Shop. It was all ready for sale all over Ebay, so I started selling it too.
Then I was visited by Federal agents in May of 2003. I can't believe they let me sell the stuff for two years if it was illegal, but they did?

I had buyers from all over the world, but wouldn't ship outside of the United States. Well guess what.....they can charge you with conspiracy to ship outside of the United States if you knew it was going somewhere else.

They just wanted to put me out of business, and were going to hit me from any angle they could, so I did a "Plea Agreement" with them just to get it over with. Also the DA was doing a Nation wide sting on Military Body Armor sales on Ebay. So I was basically media fodder along with many other people across the nation.

I might have had a chance to fight it and win, but didn't want to take that chance, and besides....I would probably still be fighting it if I had went that route, not to mention the costs.

I settled for two counts of "selling restricted government property" which is a misdemeanor. That way I don't have a felony on my record. Those two counts arose out of two separate puchases that undercover agents made from me on Ebay.

I had to pay the Feds back their money that they spent on those two puchases and they gave me 3 years of probation. I have to report to a Federal probation office.....Hence, I got pegged with the "Mandatory DNA Sampling".

I could write a book on it I guess? It's a lot longer and deeper than can go into here.

Thanks for your curiosity!