Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hold're gonna love this blow job?

Emily goes Wild!!!! ......when I whip out the leaf blower. It's sitting there running and she can't stand it.

Who's sniffin' who?
I just had to slip this in here. Emily has never been this close to a horse before. It's hard to hold a dog in one hand with the camera in the other, and I wasn't sure if they would try to bite one another,but they seemed to have a mutual respect . That's Miss Leana Star

Emily says "Got horse shit?"


jan said...

Emily obviously does not know fear of the machine, camera or equine variety. What a great dog.

Rachie-Babe said...

You get that blower, Emily! What a gorgeous horsey. Makes me really miss having my own!

Jeanna said...

You go, Em girl. Grrrr. Miss Leana Star seems a far cry from that back biting horse.

Uncivil said...

Thanks shug!


Wishing a speedy recovery to the little Cringer!


I was worried because Gordon said Miss Leana wasn't much of a people person! Says most of her human contact just comes from her trainer and he's been trying to make her a little more people friendly.
I guess she just clicked with Emily? Maybe it's a girl thang?

Uncivil said...

Check out my gal on the side bar from "Dirt Road Dogs"!!!!

Miss Jolly just gave birth to nine little canines!!!!!!

J at said...

The pics of Em taking on the leaf blower are great. :)

When Maya was at her old school, we sometimes walked on a trail in the mornings that had a few horses. Said horses were usually in their stable, not out where we could see them (though of course, we could smell then!). One day, I was walking back to the car with Genevieve, and one of the horses was out and visible...Gen froze. She was completely fixated. I could see the cogs in her head saying, "what the HELL IS THAT?" She wasn't scared, or angry, or excited, but she wouldn't budge until she had gotten a good long look. It was pretty funny.

Uncivil said...

That's a cute story about Genevieve. She is such a pretty gal.

I pass this life like statue of a palomino horse every day when I go to work. I took Emily out of the car one day and put her in my arms and walked up to it face to face!
She wouldn't even make eye contact with it? She just turned her head and snubbed it? I don't know if she was scared of it or what, but I was glad she finally got to meet a real live horse and she seemed to enjoy it!

VE said...

Well of course there's mutual respect; that horse is how many sizes bigger than Emily? That's funny on the blower though. I'd like to do the same when my neighbors use them...

C said...

LOL! Oh my goodness! Those are great photos, Jimbo!

Little Miss Emily is adorable!!

Uncivil said...

Dynamite comes in small packages! I can see Emily hanging on Miss Leana's lip!

Thanks...hope you're feelin' better!

Curiosity Killer said...

My old dog (God rest his soul) used to go nuts with vacuum cleaner. I think he just couldn't understand the idea of suck.

Ms. Mamma said...

Um that's some funny shit, Jimbeaux!

Rowing and Sowing said...

OMG that's hilarious! That little gal's ready willing and able to take it ON! LOL! Ivan had a thing for the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower. I always had to make sure he was outside or in another room (door shut) when I vacuumed, and I always had to make sure he was inside the house when I cranked the push mower. One day he got to the mower (it was in the shed just sitting there) and he commenced to chew both front wheels until he thought they'd had enough. Those wheels looked awful! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Thank goodness they were just hard plastic wheels and didn't hold air.

"Got horse shit" - LOL!

Feather said...

Miss Em is sooo cute! I love the horse and dog checking each other out...I have never took Poco or Susie near the horses but my Border Collie goes back there all the time, I don't take the other 2 because Poco (the chihuahua) thinks she is little miss
That is too funny about the leaf blower, I love it!

Uncivil said...

Em hates the vac too!

Thank ya Maam'

I saw your Tribute to Ivan. He was such a cutie. Looks like some of Miss Jolly's pups might have some Boxer in them?

Good to see ya again.I like your little Poco. Ten feet tall and bullet proof huh???!!!!!
Miss Em acts like that sometimes!

Jeanna said...

I thought of you while I was downing Spotted Cow, BLTs, and deep fried mini tacos at Reverend Jim's Happy Hour today.

Uncivil said...

"Reverend Jim's Sport's Bar"????
That's one thing I've never been reverent!!!!!!
How about "Deviant Jim's Cue & Ale"? I'm still workin' on that bar name!
I'm up at 3:00 in the morning with liver pudding on my mind?
Happy Burfday BTW!!!!!

Jeanna said...

Thanks, James. It was an interesting one. It was Biker Night at Reverend Jim's to boot. I had a perfect moment there, feeding my face, drinking a Spotted Cow and watching baseball on a big screen t.v. with fresh air coming in from the patio.