Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Horse Shit Dawgs"

That ain't molasses dripping off her jaws!!!!!!!

Look's the "Buffet"!

Save some for me!!!!

Miss Civil is gonna kill me. Especially when she hears Abigail almost drowned in Gordons swimming pool trying to get the taste out of her mouth!!!!!
That's our contributor to this post, Miss Leana Star!


Uncivil said...

Abigail and emily would follow me to the woods every time I dumped a wheelbarrow load.
Then one time Abigail got side tracked. She started out following me & Em but she wasn't there when we dumped?
So, I'm looking for her on the return trip and all I hear is water slpashing. She was doing frantic laps in Gordon's swimming pool.
We had gone past the pool a dozen times earlier and the thought didn't even cross my mind?
I was so glad she wasn't in there but a couple of minutes max cause she couldn't get out.
Needless to say it was a happy ending and she remained "Horse Shit Free" the rest of the day.

jan said...

Yummie, even better than kitty litter rocha which is a rare delicasy to my dogs.

Rowing and Sowing said...

Those are the cutest pictures, and I can even smell it (and I love the smell of horses -yes even horse sh**!) So glad Ab was found and was OK.

LOL on kitty litter rocha. They love it so much, I think we could package and sell as doggie treats and make a killing!

Uncivil said...

Emily likes her kitty droppings smooth, not cruncy!LOL!!!

My heart sank when I saw her in that pool. She was dog paddling frantically from the far side to my side when I got there and she just had a look of terror in her eyes. It broke my heart, and I just know she went completely under when she first went in.
But she solved one of my problems on her own, cause I was gonna have to get the water hose on that face before she went back to my house.LOL!!!

C said...

LOL! Those are the cutest photos ever...even with the horse poop! LOL!

Ab & Em are ADORABLE!!!

Yeah, Chance has a thing for poop too. It's quite disgusting! He always goes straight for the cats' litter boxes (we've got 2 litter boxes...oh, joy!). ICKY! My mother-in-law's dog rolls around in cow $h!t all the time and whenever she can find bear $h!t, she rolls around in that too! Thank goodness Chance doesn't do that! But eating cat poop is still pretty gross!

Glamourpuss said...

What is it with dogs and horse shit? And the clippings off their hooves when the farrier has been. Strange creatures.


VE said...

That horse has something to say, I just know it. Isn't that the same pose Mr. Ed used to use when he talked?

Uncivil said...

I was lucky that the girls didn't roll in any of it.
We had a boxer that liked to roll in Goose poop! I learned to quit feeding the geese real quickly.

Puss know more about dogs & horses than I gave you credit for?

Well......her "Estrous cycle" was in full I guess she would have a lot to say......... but, I'm sure it would be rawhide raunchy!
She would have probably made Mr. Ed blush!

Jeanna said...

If dogs weren't little crap eaters they'd start demanding entrees they've seen on the Food Network. Scary about Ab, I feel like that at the pool sometimes, too.
I had to rescue Roscoe the first time that big dorkus was in the water.

J at said...

Erm...seeing the pics with poop on the face right above pics of doggie kissing nice white haired lady is somehow WRONG.

Uncivil said...

I thought Roscoe was a lab? Aren't they supposeed to be excellent swimmers?

They were two entirely different post!!LOL!!!
That Boxer is actually getting a dog biscuit from the lady instead of a kiss!!!!
I do see what you mean though!!!!

C said...

Jimbo, I gots me a contest goin' on ma blog. Okay, I don't really talk like that in real life. Anyway, go check it out ;)

LOL! Laughing at J's comment! Too funny! XO

Jeanna said...

Yeah, well, my point exactly. That boy ain't right. His latest thing is becoming the holy terror of the dog park (because his Miss Vickers is quite sick) and barking at the top of his voice at every living creature in the place, then getting all bummed when the other dogs don't play with him.

Rachie-Babe said...

What a gorgeous horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncivil said...

She don't do bad for a fourteen year old! I'll tell Gordon you likey!