Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Bobcat LadyHelping me reclaim some backyard space
She can run a bobcat better than most men.

This is far as I want to go on this side of the yard.
I forgot to take a before picture so I found this one from last year.
She and her husband hauled off the first two mounds to the right in the bottom picture. The hill behind my pickup is next!


C. K. said...

That's a helluva dirt, jimbo. But I guess that's a helluva lotta land you've got on your property!

jan said...

What a great yard? field? prairie? you have. Keep us informed of landscaping. Most of us don't use heavy equipment for our outdoor chores.

Glamourpuss said...

Wow, what a lot of space you have. And of course she can drive that thing better than most men - she is a woman after all.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

With that much land, you'd be a millionaire out here in CA.

Uncivil said...

That is so funny that everybody thinks I have a lot of land? My lot is less than 1/2 acres! (.388 acres to be exact)

I do have a fifty foot right of way down one side that I can use. I also have a huge ditch down that side and across the back of the lot. It's like have having a huge moat on two sides that no one can cross.
That's where the dirt came from some 50 years ago. I'm just taking what's piled on my property and giving it away to anyone who will come and get it.

Don Mills Diva said...

Gotta love a gal who can run a bobcat - cool!

C said...

Niiiiiiiiiice!! Any gal who can run a bobcat is cool in my books! ;) Hubby won't let me drive his truck because I don't know how to drive stick shift! He says I have to practice on one of the tractors first! LOL!

VE said...

That seems like a lot of work just to take a dump in the woods...

Oh, and I have a pesky neighbor, could you bring that over and level his property?

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Hmmm. I still think 1/2 acre would get you over a million out here. Sad, huh?

C said...

Wow, a million for 1/2 an acre there, J? I wonder how much our 750 acres would be worth? Land is still cheap where we live. I think we'd be multi-millionaires if we had this land closer to the city (perhaps just outside Toronto). But, alas, we don't. We've got land, but we ain't got no money ;) LOL!

Uncivil said...

I'd love to have my own Army Tank!

I couldn't afford to live in California.

You are definitely a multi-millionaire with that much acreage! Wow!!!!and you can't even drive a stick shift?
Time to get on the tractor girlfriend!!!!

Jeanna said...

Hey James, just put my first bag of popsicles in the freezer in over a month, so guess I'm moving back in today. Missed your sorry arse. Looks like a reglir project you got going there.

Rowing and Sowing said...

OMG - you've been really hard at it! And about that lady driving that thing - we had one of those things in the yard this past year (something similar) - it could clear and move and ditch in boggy land, and all I wanted to do as I watched the guy operate it was get in and learn how to drive it. Ya know, (I think you probably already know -lol) women (well...some of us) have a yearning inside - one not spoken of often - to learn how to drive "heavy duty equipment" LOL!

Your yard's looking great! And an added plus - how many men can say they had a woman on a bobcat in their yard and moving the earth?

Good to see you!

Uncivil said...

I didn't know you had moved out?Moving back in where?

I can see you running a bobcat in no time flat!