Thursday, November 29, 2007

& More

Way cool Vid Clip

Ok, I'm a YouTube Junky......Sue me!

Beats the hell out of TV

I'll stop now!


Curiosity.Killer said...

What EV. I've been a youtube junkie longer than you.


Uncivil said...

Send me some good ones!

Uncivil said...

Blogger won't let me Embed the YouTube clips for some strange reason?

BottleBlonde said...

I absolutely love the vid of the dogs. And the music was hilarious.

Uncivil said...

Me Too! I came across them while searching for some "Poodle" clips for Jan at "The Poodle (and Dog) Blog!"

C said...

LOL! You ARE a YouTube junkie! LOL! Hey, they've got some really funny videos on there! I can't blame you for being addicted! LOL!

Anyway, I'm back!!! I haven't gone anywhere, but we haven't had internet service for 6 days, so I've been MIA. I'm sooooooooo happy to have internet again! LOL!

C said...
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Uncivil said...

It's good to see you back in action my dear! Missed ya!!!!