Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another nice November day at the beach with my favorite gals.
We're under Johnny Mercer's fishing pier and it's windy as hell.
Couldn't get the girls to hold a pose! Notice Emily's sweater! It's one of my old shirt sleeves with two holes cut out for her legs! You think I would buy her something a little more classy? Abigail thrives in the cold!

My ex and I used to always meet up on Fayetteville Street's entrance to Wrightsville beach in the late 80's. I saw this park bench sitting there today and couldn't resist getting these shots.
Getting my exercise now as we cross Banks Channel. I actually went under this bridge in the dark of night in a friends Tunnel Hull racing boat running about 70 MPH. It was back in 1974 or 1975 and we were running from the Coast Guard's Patrol boat. They didn't have anything that could catch us back in those days. Kind of like a redneck version of Miami Vice! My friend died sometime in the early 90's . Drugs and Alcohol finally took a toll on his liver. This place sure brings back some good and bad memories!
Emily........Please don't drink there! Yes....somebody peed in the pool! It's the thought that counts isn't it! We have bottled water in the car shug! This is one of the pictures I took a few weeks ago when it was even warmer. I had a smudge on the lens which makes the Dog Bar look worse than it really is. Emily will drink straight from the tap, so no worries. Abigail on the other hand isn't that picky!


Dan said...

Crap! For a minute I thought these dogs were about to be trampled by those huge robot things from The Empire Strikes Back!

Uncivil said...

It's so good to see you back my friend and it's even better to hear that you had a good hearty laugh about your neighborhood flasher!

jan said...

"Redneck version of Miami Vice" I love it. Emily and Abigail are great models. It may be time for runway training. might want to replenish the wardrobe if they get to be supermodels.

Uncivil said...

I just love your canine biased opinion! Yes, Emily needs to move up and beyond the Redneck wardrobe!
She gets to wear two sleeves if it's really cold!!!LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


The Fayetteville Street pic is priceless :-)

And don't worry Jan. Emily has a nice red polartec jacket. Rather snazzy looking. But, Jimmy's thermy underwear sleeve actually fits and moves better on her. Who'da thunk it?

Karen (aka... the X)

Uncivil said...


And don't forget.....they get to wear their fancy Harley Davidson dog collars when they are with you, but they wear the old well worn redneck leather collars when with me!

They have park benches like that with every street name on the strand.I'm surprised no one has stolen any yet!LOL!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,see ya Friday!

Ms. Mamma said...

They are absolutely the sweetest girls, ever. I just want to tell you again how coll I think you are for wheeling them around in Regal style. Photos under the pier are really cool.

Uncivil said...

Thanks Ms.mamma
One of these days I've got to get a video camera! I would love to post some of their antics on video!

Glamourpuss said...

Underneath the redneck exterior, you're such a softy.


Uncivil said...

I have my moments! Mostly crusty though!

Rachie-Babe said...

I am SO jealous of what November looks like for you!

Uncivil said...

Hey Rachel
December is kinda looking like that too!LOL!!!!
Got Snow?