Friday, November 03, 2006

I just love all the wild and funny things on YouTube

I decided to post some of my YouTube favorites today. Just for me to go back and visit from time to time.

My favorite Boston Terrier short clips

Franka the Boston

The Dog Days of Summer

Small dog annoying big dog

Sammy Sings

Boston Terriers Dude & Googs Digging

Now for some Boston Terrier music videos

lucy the Boston Terrier

CHESTER, the Boston

Boston Terriers "We are the Champions"


Bullitt Likes: Baby Carrots

Almost -X- Rated Boston Vid......Not for Kids.....Pikachu meets DA Dog

Now for the Pug Vids

Very Excited Pug

Smart Pug

Angry Pug


pug corning

Crazy Pug

Band for Pugs


Sad pug

And of course Tyson the skateboarding bulldog

Colorectal Surgeon

And SkidBoot


Alicat said...

yay! fun boston videos to watch!! :) I love that one called "sammy sings." Bostons are so funny when they do that grunting piggy sound. ;)

Uncivil said...

Hi Ali
I sure enjoyed Piggy's video on your blog. I sent it out in an email, and got some great comments on it. I love to hear them bark in the background of Neil Young's Old Man song. They should be the back up singers/barkers for the original song.

Check out Lucy the Boston Terrier on the YouTube clips. The crazy song and the bond that Lucy and that cat have is just hilarious.