Friday, November 17, 2006

Boom Car Assholes

Damn.....those darn door to door solicitors have really brought out the asshole in me tonight. This is my next venture below.

This is some reading info I will be handing out to the punks that disturb me with their trunk thumping audio systems that pull into Go Gas, Kangaroo, Piggly Wiggly etc. near my house.

"Nice version
Boom Cars
A boom car is a vehicle equipped with an audio system producing a powerful bass sound that can be heard and felt more than a block away. These vehicles are sometimes called trunk thumpers and street pounders. They cause noise pollution that disturbs millions of people each day. The pounding bass sound can rattle windows and travel through walls. Residents who live in dense urban communities are more likely to suffer from this noise. But as manufacturers continue to make more powerful sound systems, no community will be immune from this type of noise pollution.
People who drive boom cars consider it their right to play music at any volume they please. They regard their car as an expression of themselves and the louder it is, the bolder the statement that they can make. Boomers are typically lower-middle class males in their teens and twenties with some disposable income. They assume that their car will attract women and improve their social standing among their peers.
My version
Most likely you are an inconsiderate asshole if you are reading this message. Especially after I have just taken a digital picture of your car and license plate. I have a strong suspicion that you are also a recreational drug user, because no idiot in their right mind would want to ride around while their brain is vibrating from that shit you call music. If we need to call the police……make my day….lets do it punk.
I am doing my own research into this matter and I am going to post your picture on the Internet in what I will call my wall of “Shameless Assholes with Boom Car Audio Systems”.
Now that I have said my piece and you feel the need to conform to society and turn your hellish noise down to a level where it doesn’t disturb your neighbors……..then please forgive my indiscretions.
If not?
There’s not much I can do but visualize you being burned alive with a 1000 watt Bass speaker shoved up your ass.
I would never act on those thoughts, but I have to get some pleasure out of this bass thumping torture you have subjected me too.

Have a nice Day!"


Ms. Mamma said...

Holy Shite Muslims, Batman! Dirty Harry? Who's that? Right on!

Uncivil said...

Whoooooo...Hoooooo Ms.mamma

You can make me laugh at myself. Thank you.

I actually used to dress up as batman all the time when I was 10 years old back in 1966. LMAO

And I do love Dirty Harry.
How about "Death Wish" with Charles Bronson 1974? And "Falling Down" with Micael Douglas 1993? I like "Dexter" on Showtime now days.

I feel like this from time to time too!