Friday, September 15, 2006

Sunday Driving with Ab & Em

That was a few pics of a Sunday adventure we took a while back. I love Appaloosas and they seemed pretty interested in us too!

Oh!!!!!and also....... Once in a while I like to ride around with Ab & Em and listen to a good ole Redneck Gospel Song...........Click below

Bless their little hearts!

And I just had to steal this from Ms.Mamma's Blog while I was at it.

Want to see what your name looks like in Russian? Just click Here. Just ignore all the crazy Russian lettering on the site,type your name in the text box and click to see what your name looks like in Russian.


Uncivil said...

The Devil made me do it. LOL!!!!!

Ms. Mamma said...

Jimmy- these two are just kick ass, the dogs AND the photos!

Therese said...

This photo reminde me of my dog Sam, a poodle I had when I was a kid. Whenever we'd go for a drive in the country he'd bark like a madman at cows and horse. But, the few times we stopped along side the road to let him see them up close, he wouldn't even look at them! What a tough guy...when he had glass between him and them!

And as for the Russian...I have to admit, I didn't see my name for...well...a while! ;)

Uncivil said...

Hey Therese

Ab & Em don't bark at the horses. they just seem really curious towards them. Now let someone ride up on a motorcycle,and Emily will go beserk. She absolutely hates motorcycles! The bikers just look at her like yea I'm so scared of you, ya little twit.

Took you a while to see your name huh? I wish it was a little more gender specific. I would have preferred a Russian lady holding my name in her hand.