Friday, December 21, 2007

The Twelve Glasses of Christmas Wine

Earlier this week, I was tagged by the "Arteest" formerly know as Ms.mamma!
It's a Christmas meme and it's supposed to be about 12 of your favorite Christmas thangs: they can be memories, traditions, songs, presents, beliefs, whatever it is about this season that you love.
Grab your favorite adult beverage and drink along the cheer!

1. Christmas Wine, ......I'm going to attempt to drink twelve glasses of Christmas Wine from the local Duplin Wine Cellar while doing this post!
It's raining and rather gloomy outside, so what better day than to sit inside and get sloshed with my two favorite gals Ab & Em! I'm off to drink glass number one, but probably need to rush to the store right quick and stock up! Somehow, I don't think a bottle and a half will make twelve glasses?

This will be an all afternoon stop by and comment,and don't forget to let me know what glass of wine that I am on when you stop by.

I will edit and update at each glass of wine interval! Cheers!

2. Chritmas Wine Glass number 2 .........This must be some good selling chit? It took me three different Food Lion stores to restock! I had to go all the way to Burgaw Food Lion to find any.

I get back and already have a comment from Jan!!!!!Yeah!!!!You made my day!

Maybe I should have done this as "The Twelve Christmas Beers" or " The Twelve Christmas Rum Shots"? It would have been cheaper!

3.Christmas Wine Glass number more comments since glass number two, so the "YouTube" clip above is appropriate! Also they seem to be going down faster?

4.Christmas Wine Glass number 4.......You didn't think you were gonna get away from here without doggie pics did ja? Emily is tryin' to figure out why the wine bottles are invading her electric heater space?
I'm in TROUBLE? I'm on the fourth glass and it's lookin' like maybe 4 glasses to the bottle? Whew.....yeah....gotta chit eatin' grin! I'm gettin' skeered, but hey, I'll try to be a man of my word!

5. Christmas Wine Glass number 5.......OK during the course of this event I realised I had to pace myself...kinda like a race.....
Little Bro & Sis called and reminded me of my training regimine.
It has quit raining so I took the doggies for a quick 1.5 mile walk down to the boat landing at the river and back. No driving was done during the course of this event!
I have Emily bundled in two layered redneck shirt sleeves for this training session.
Notice they are looking at me with that "He's drunk again look" in the first pic, and Emily is saying "hurry up and git this darn thing off a me" when we got back in the second pic.

6.Christmas Wine Glass number 6.....Ok...almost at the half way mark. I couldn't let Emily hog all the pics so I posted an earlier picture of Abigail with my four bottles of fire water. I'm drinking my courage up....practicing saying words like "pathetic" and "specific"! Do you know how hard it is to say those words when you get drunk?

7. Christmas Wine Glass number 7 OK....just so you will have a visual of what's conspiring here......I'm on glass number seven,after finishing 1 and 1/2 bottles since after 2:00 pm this afternoon. This bottle has just been opened and I might continue to drink faster than at first planned. I have contacted several of my readers via email & their blog! I appreciate all the comments thus far, and had no idea I would get much of a response. Maybe I need to start a new blog? Titled "Drink Redneck Drink"?

8. Christmas Wine Glass number the 3/4 mark!!!!!!!!!!!
OK......You know I like George Thorogood! I'm on a drinkin' theme meme and I love this song (One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer)! I'm a "YouTube junkie and this is the best I could find (above) on this song! Of course, you would have to be drunk to enjoy????? I'm not a video gamer, but it was neat the way this guy put it together!
Shout outs so far go to Jan, sis-inlaw @ luvmyharleydoggison, Puss,& Down East Friend....thanks for drinkin' w/me!!!!!

9. Christmas Wine Glass number 9
I know...I'm gettin' so fast..ya'll can't keep up? I've been drankin' and "Youtubin' and I found this clip above most amuzin'!

10. Christmas Wine Glass number 10
Back to the visuals.....this visual started as wine glass number 7 and now it's wine glass number 10!!!!!!!!!!See what I'm tawkin' bout.....4 glasses to tha bottle! No worries...I'm not gonna try the drill trick to open the next one!

11. Christmas Wine Glass number 11.......I've been on the phone with a good friend of mine while drinking glass number 10. The above picture is his Dog "Jack"!
Emily has a secret crush on "Jack"!!!!!.........Can anyone tell me what kind of dog he is? have to leave a comment now!!!!!! It's only fair...!

12. Christmas Wine Glass number 12.........OK....I've finally hit the twelfth glass,,,,before the twelfth hour I might add!!!!

I didn't quite match up to the 4 glasses per bottle......So....I'm goin' for the THIRTEENTH!!!!!!!!I hope you will like the last picture!!!!!!!!
This has been the most personal post I've done to date. The above picture is of a hollowed out glass sculpture gift that was given to me many years ago! I often wondered about it's significance in my life?
Maybe this is what it was meant for?
Below..........4 empty bottles........all drank by me....3 1/2 since 2:00 pm till 12:30 am.
I'm gonna throw up now!!!!!OK........I haven't even cried yet...WTF?


jan said...

I'm amazed at the sacrifices some bloggers will make for their posts.

Uncivil said...

Holy Moly.....Hi Jan, I had no idea I would get a comment before I even finished the first glass?
I had to rush off to the store for 3 more bottles!

luvmyharleydoggison said...

Your bro is already in the beer.... :)
He worked days today and got off at 3:00

Glamourpuss said...

Blimey, you're a regular alcoholic, ain't ya?


Uncivil said...

Sis, you had no idea what you were in for when you married into our family did ya?
I'm in training! I'm only a third of the way through this race! 4th glass finished as I type!

down east friend said...

I love it... :) LMAO! Pacifically what bottle of wine are you on now? It would be pasthetic to stop a third of the way through and while you're probably still ahead!

I have visions of you and the sweet gals snoozing and cuddled up on the couch???

Happy Holidays! And ....

Cool RUNNIN's!!

Uncivil said...

Down east friend
Hey Darlin'....I just finished glass number six......getting ready to pour glass number seven & post again!
I'm so glad you could join me for the party! I miss your doggie bloggin days!

J at said...

Oh god, Jimmy, 12 glasses? That makes me want to hurl in the recycling bin. I'm not kidding. At least it's wine. I pegged you for more of a bourbon guy, actually.

Hope you survive the night, friend!

Darryl said...

I believe mr jack is crossed with a pitt an a terrier . because of his face an his remarkable colors. he is a little hard headed at times but he is a great companion an a lot of company.i consider him priceless an also my best friend.hey jimmy keep up the good work doing a fine job on this blog catch you later.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by! You wouldn't believe how much I have to re-edit each post!
I luv every body when I'm drunk, and I must tell you that I luv you!

Py Korry will have to kick my old redneck ass, but I love him too!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by, before I it the last glass!!!!!!

Uncivil said...

You know Jack loves Ab & Em more than anyone!!!!!Thanks for commenting my friend!
Ab & Em send their regards!!!!LOL!!

Jeanna said...

I think the first shot of Emily was right after she programmed the number for the poison control center into your cell.
Oh to bang some pots and pans when you're sorry arse wakes up. If it wakes up.
What sounds better to you right now, raw snails in olive oil or a soft boiled egg dripping in garlic and butter?

Uncivil said...

Abigail made sure my sorry arse was up at 6:30 this morning. She was dancing all over the bed,and I'm sure if she would have had "pots & pans".....she would have used them.
As for the headache........I've had worse! I paced myself purty good.....3 1/2 bottles over a 10 hour stretch!
The "soft boiled egg dripping in garlic and butter" actually doesn't sound half bad right about now?
Gotta take a shower to get the skank off a me and head down to the local redneck restaurant for a good ole "HeartStopper" breakfast!

C said...

Haha! I love this, Jimmy! The doggies are beautiful too.

CK tagged me with this meme, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I wonder if I'll get it done by Christmas??? LOL! We're leaving for our 9 hr drive in a few hours! Lucky Chance...he gets to sleep in the car! If only doggies could drive! xo

Uncivil said...

Wow!Chance get's to go too!I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful journey!!!!

SouthStar said...

Jimmy, are you still in a loving mood? Have you called your coworker to tell him how much you care? (Dave put me up to this!!)

Uncivil said...

SouthStar.....Which one? The one that watches "gay porn"?

Neva said...

I found you through Jan's blog..this was a HOOT! I wish I could've checked in while you were doing met my criteria for wine......a pretty bottle.....loved the Santa on the bottles! hope you have recovered and have a great holiday season.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for the visit! You'll have to put on that new hat you found at the bar and come visit us again!
BTW......I loved the "Postyourdog or cat" blog too!

CK said...

Merry Christmas Jimmy. LOL

Uncivil said...

Merry Christmas CK
I'm honored that you posted the "Piano Playin' Kitty" clip!
I found it on "Cute Overload"!

Ms. Mamma said...

Merry Christmas, Big Guy! I will come back and read this when I get a chance! Warm wishes to you!

Uncivil said...

Huggs Ms.mamma
Maybe a few of us can get together and do a "Drinkin co-post" one night! Time zones would really throw a loop in the mix?

jan said...

Sorry I had to step out for a while, but I'm glad that you were able to complete a Christmas mission. That much wine and I would be...uh, dead?

Have a great Christmas.

Uncivil said...

Thanks Jan
Merry Christmas to you and Misty,Timmy,Tudee,Chamois,& Taki!

Ms. Mamma said...

Jimmy! o-pa! That was some post. That took a ton of effort and $$ so thanks! And Happy New Year!

Uncivil said...

What does "o-pa" mean?