Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!
My last breakfast morning of 2007 brought me this pleasant surprise! Our local newspaper guy decided to start a day early with the Star-News Commemorative Cup series. It's called "Early Bird Gets the Mug!"

I guess our local newspaper man decided to start the game a day early, cause last time I checked it was still December 31st 2007?

I hope my New Year starts this good and stays this way!!!!
I hope your's does too!!!

Make it Great in 2008!!!!!!!!!


C said...

Happy New Year to my adorable and totally endearing redneck friend! ;)

Wishing you, Abigail and Emily a wonderful 2008!


Uncivil said...

Thanks C
I got the girls at noon today. So all is perfect in my world.

Ab & Em send New Year's hugs to you and hubby, and Chance!