Thursday, April 26, 2007

River Dogs Overload!

Home James :)


Uncivil said...

I know....I'm "Over Loading" on the River pics! Tough noogies!

We decided to take the doggie van to the river today. I took them in the truck yesterday and they barely got wet. Take em in the minivan today and they go hog wild. They were both soaked. I know to bring towels.

Emily trys to be a pointer, She pointed the ducks today. Yesterday it was squirrels.

They both will jump up on the picnic tables on cue. I say "Table Dance" and they know what to do!

Got a pic of Emily playing dead, and then her and Ab at the same time. "Dead Dog" is their cue.

I missed tons of good shots. I need a better camera, and some photography lessons wouldn't hurt!

Ms. Mamma said...
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Ms. Mamma said...

That photo of Em playing dead is beyond cool. Lot's of textures there. Keep taking photos Jimmy.

Uncivil said...


I love that pic too. Can't you see the anticipation in her eye? All of her enrgy is focused on me saying the cue word "up". Cause she knows she will get a treat for her hard work!LOL

I had to keep telling her "no" "stay" "no" "stay".

The reason I tell her "no" is because I know exactly what she's thinking, and she know's that "no" means stop everything your doing and be still, cause I need your full attention!

She's way smarter than me. I never understood the word "no".

Chrissy121875 said...

AWWW! Too, too cute! Man...your vehicle is CLEAN for someone who has TWO dogs! I've only got one and my Explorer is a mess!! LOL!

Uncivil said...

Thanks Chrissy
I'd say it was half way orderly, not really clean!LOL
The minivan is theirs and the truck is mine. The truck is usually cleaner!

Pandora said...

Well said.