Monday, April 09, 2007

My Trailer Trash Haven
The guy who had this trailer before me was into glass and mirrors. It has that 70's throw back look to it. They were my favorite years anyway.
I put my recliner in the back bedroom and set up my Bayou Fitness Total Trainer in it's place. So, from now on when I'm watching ass better be moving!

Shot from the kitchen through the living room , right on through my bedroom to my bathroom. Notice the double doors to the bedroom. I always joke that's so I can get those wide load women in there. Not!
Backdoor from the kitchen with my mirrored doggie shrine.

Close up of the doggie shrine. It's their world. I just live in it!


Ms. Mamma said...

I like your comment about it being their world and you just live in it. Tidy little joint, Jimmy.

Funny about those doors. We called those loo's "Glamoor Baths", complete w/ "Love Tub". I didn't really, Muski Mike did(our ex sales ass).

Uncivil said...

Damn....who'd a thunk it? It did have the Glamour Bath w/ Love Tub!
The tub was removed before I got it, and it was used for a mini office.
I have a cabinet, and a huge doggie kennel there now.
Ab & Em hardly ever have to stay in the kennel, but it comes in handy to help calm them down around unexpected company. I just tell them nite nite, and they reluctantly go in. Then I let them out after a few minutes and remind them to be calm. It's a handy place for them to dry off after a doggie bath too.

I'll have to email you for advice when I get ready to buy a new mobilehome!

This one strikes my fancy,but the damn thing is in Arizona?

I'm the type of guy who's gonna live in a singlewide if I have to live in a damn trailer. Ain't even gonna look at a damn double wide.

However, I could be talked into a modular.

I think I'll stick with what I got as long as I can hold out!

Ms. Mamma said...

Are the dogs protective of you? Why do you have to kennel them?

Frank is proving to be very agressive to all strangers, so I have to isolate him when someone comes over. He loves the baby and me though. He wouldn't harm a hair on us.