Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Load Up We're going to the river!

No Daddy, we don't want to leave?
Talk to the paw ....Talk to the paw!


Uncivil said...

Wow! Beautiful day. Abigail & Emily know what "Load Up" means! I have to pick them up and put them in the back of the truck. But Abigail always helps me out by putting her paws on the tailgate.

It's only about a 3/4 mile drive down to the river and I live in an area with slow enough traffic that I feel it's safe to take them in the truck.

They get treats when we stop at the picnic tables and Abigail always drools.

Emily semed to like the water today. Abigail wasn't interested.

This is my favorite place to take them. We got lucky and no one else was there, so they got to stay off the leash.

I try to take them twice a day. We take their minivan when the weather isn't as nice. But they love to ride in my truck for some reason!

Ms. Mamma said...

Jimmy- They are priceless. Totally sweet. I love your dog photographs. I just want to keep staring at them! Very nice! The one with paw, geeeez! Love it! Lucky dogs. They are so content. I would have a hard time sharing them.

Uncivil said...

Hi Heidi

I just got them back yesterday. A day early too, I might add.
I'm home for lunch, but it's too hot outside to go to the river.

Abigail can't stand the bright sun and the heat. I let her out. she did her business and made a bee line for the back door to get back in the A/C.
My outside thermometer is reading in the 90's? But it's in a bad place to be accurate.

We'll have to wait till late this evening and try it.

I have the hardest time taking their pics cause they won't be still long enough! Hence some of the blurring!

Bullie kisses & Boston huggs

Anonymous said...


The reason we share is because I couldn't stand to be without them either! But I really think the girls love it. They LOVE to ride, so that get to do that every week... and it's like they have a family reunion every week and are so excited (OMGOSH, It's Daddy! Haven't seen him in ages, wooties!).

I love the pics of the girls on the table, especially 'the wave'. I didn't have a pic or Ab waving. Now, it makes me wanna take a pic of them both doing 'dead dog', laying back to back or half on top of one another. lol

Take care hon,

Polly Jean said...

we're never too old to learn something new every day!!


Uncivil said...

Wow! Talk about Shock and Awe! LOL

Anonymous/K/ My ex wife

This is weird but I like it!LOL

Everybody, let me introduce you to the ex Mrs. Uncivil.She is better known as "Imcivil"! I'll let you tell them that story!

Wow! Babe...this is a first? Blogger is pretty cool huh? I think you need to sign up and start a Blog for Ab & Em too! That would be cool cause you take better pictures than I do anyway. Then I can steal your pics!LOL

Ab & Em are one of the few things we agree on and we both want what's best for them. There's no need for Ab & Em to be split apart just because K and I are.

Stop by more often and your comments are welcome any time!

Huggs from the girls!

Uncivil said...


Thanks for stopping by! Love your photo's!
Wow!......a first for you "enabling comments", and me getting a comment from you!


Julien said...

another first...
cool photos, cool songs - I loved the former one !

Uncivil said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yes, today is just full of "firsts" as was yesterday also!

I'm glad you liked the music. The former song "Mamma's got her Boobs Out" was by Rodney Carrington and he has done lots of different ones. I first heard him on the Bob & Tom Show.

I change my songs every day or so!

The unforgettable fire is awesome!

Check ya later!

Hope said...

Your girls are gorgeous - and lucky! What a great day!

Chrissy121875 said...

Haha! I love those pics! The girls are adorable. I especially love the last pic! What pampered pooches!

Uncivil said...

Thanks Chrissy

Bullie slobber and Boston kisses!