Friday, October 08, 2010

Rick's Rant of the Day

A funny thing happened in the history of the United States of America, the government vastly outgrew its worth. The by the people, for the people, became a not so funny joke. I stopped believing in the government long ago, but now I have come to the realization that I HATE the government. Cases in point: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemmens. These two fellows are in trouble for lying to congress!!!!!! Lying to congress????????? One more time, lying to congress????? I would think (if the charges are even true) that congress, being LIARS that have no equal, would be amused at someone even trying to get one by them, but in reality are going to try and send them to prison????? I personally would be more upset at stepping on a cockroach than lying to congress, and I can assure you that I despise cockroaches. Where is the crime, what business did congress have questioning them in the first place, and this outrage that someone might lie to them is a crock. Congress acts like they are something to be respected, WRONG, maybe something to be feared. But what they don't realize is this: If I respect someone and see they need help or are in trouble, I'll be there for them without even being asked. If I fear someone and see they need help or are in trouble, I'll do nothing to help and might join in to help rid myself of them. The federal government needs to DOWNSIZE, get back issues that concern all of the citizens, and forget this notion that they are something special. THEY ARE NOT!!! PROFESSIONAL POLITICATIONS NEED TO BECOME EXTINCT!!!!! IF the federal government wants to know what's wrong with this country, they need to open their eyes, put on glasses if necessary, and take a long hard look in the mirror................................................................... Lying to congress, lying to congress, GIVE ME A BREAK.

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