Saturday, October 02, 2010

Guest post by my Buddy Rick

Will we ever wake up in this Country??????

How many people are sick of political adds? How many people truly subscribe to everything one political party stands for? How many people have decided that the issues that get trotted out every 2 years are always the same, and the people telling us that they want to fix them, are the same ones who have done nothing except pad their own pockets and the pockets of their friends (people that bribed them).
An extremely wise person once told me that anyone can complain, but they were only interested into listening to solutions.
So here we go:
1: Anyone stating lies, half truths, deception, etc., in a political add will be fined at least $1,000,000 and no longer be allowed to run for public office for life. (Life means life, no exceptions!)

2: No one can run an add for a canidate unless the canidate signs off on it.

3: Any add before it airs for the general public, must be listened to by the canidate for 8 hours in a row, if they still want to air the add, no more than 2 times a day, for 7 days. Yes, that means that the add CANNOT be aired more than 14 times.

4: Term limits for all so called public servents, with no benefits after leaving office.

5: Public servants cannot vote theirselves pay increases, it is on the ballot every 4 years and voted on by the public.

6: No more riders on bills, each bill stands on its own, all bills are made public.

7: The Federal government must downsize, if the issue does not apply to all United States Citizens, then the federal gov't has no business sticking its nose into it.

8: All Congressmen and Senators must abolish their pension plan, put that money into social security, and be in social security like everyone else. People that did not pay into social security cannot draw social security.



Jan said...

Congress cannot exempt themselves from any laws that they pass.

Uncivil said...

Ha.....Good one Jan....I'll have to tell Rick to tighten up!!!!LOL!!

Mrsupole said...

I think that most of us are not as sick of political ads as we are just downright sick of lying, thieving, kiss someone's ass politicians. The ads are just reminders that we are stuck with them.

1. This one would be great if the money was used to pay off the deficit. We would be in the black after the first year due to all the lies told.

2. If an add is shown that they did not sign off on then a million dollar fine should be placed for each time it is aired, paid for by the group that airs it. Yup, maybe we might have a surplus again for our federal budget.

3. If the candidate had to listen to their own crappy ads then all the insane assylums in the country would soon be filled with people who should be there in the first place. And then the rest of us could just enjoy life again. Although the junk mail issue has not been addressed here, the same should apply for all that crap too. I hate looking in my mailbox just as much as I do seeing all those ads everywhere.

4. The public should be allowed to vote to pass this law. We passed one here in California and those sneaky ass politicians keep trying to unpass the darn thing. I say shoot the motherffers (not sure about spelling). But voting them out of office does end their term. Now if we could only stop those freaking benefits that they do not deserve.

5. Public servants my ass, they are self serving little weasels, who are just in it to lie, cheat and steal whatever the dumbass public is stupid enough to let them do. There has never been a greater conartist invented than a politician. Well except maybe the Devil, but then again most politicians are in cahoots with the devil anyway. And yes there are some who are good nice people who do try to do the right thing but there are so damn few of them that they do get thrown to the wayside. I have to admit that right now the most uncorrupt politician out there that I see is Bobby Jindal. I pray the country wakes up and sees the goodness of this man's heart. I cannot think of any politician that has fought so hard for his people in such a long time. Since he became Governor of LA, I have watched him grow into the position with his honesty showing on his sleve and believe me to do so in such a corrupt state is a hard thing to do. If every politiciann was as honest as Gov. Jindal then our world would be a better place. And wouldn't it be nice if we could vote for our pay increases too. And they would never let us vote for their pay raises because we would never give them one.

6. Didn't we try to get them to do something like this before and they put the line item veto in, which hasn't worked either. And each bill should not be longer than one page with No. 10 type size and the public should be allowed to vote each bill out if we so choose. Although every time we vote for something out here in CA someone takes it to court and challenges it until it is overturned. Fricken losers cannot accept their loss. Freaking ACLU needs to go live in Iran and help those people and get the hell of of the US.

Whoops wrote too much and have to do a part two.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, here is Part Two. Wow, I write too much sometimes.

7. Downsize, hell yes, but this is now a fairytale and wishful thinking on our part. Some stupid people should not be allowed to vote. Before voting everyone must take a test and if you do not pass then you are now considered too stupid to vote and either you get educated about the issues and those who are running or you just do not vote. And I could swear that the Founding Fathers meant for the Federal Government to only govern on issues that concerned every state. Maybe the progressives were a part of government sooner then we think. The feds need to get out of Arizona's business and actually all of our businesses and stop taxing the shit out of us. Stick their nose up their own butts.

8. Now you know that if we stopped their pension plan that they themselves voted for then maybe we could put another dent into our deficit and they would fix the SS system. Don't hold your breath on this one, although they do hope we all die before we collect a dime of OUR money. Dang politicians Madoff with more of our money with their ponzi scheme. Yup, they are totally in cahoots with the damn Devil.

9. If we got a copy of all the monies collected and how it was really spent then there would be a big increase in the tar and feather business. Seems like I remember that once upon a time that there was a lot of tar and feathers sold to take care of the lying, thieving politicians out there. I think that if most people knew where their tax money truly was being spent then there would be a big tax revolt in this country.

And I will add a number 10.

10. Every American needs to quit their job if the Bush tax cuts are not made permanent. This way no one has to worry any longer about paying taxes and then no one will have to worry about numbers 1 to 9 because once those damn politicians are no longer getting paid they will all leave Washington and go home. Then the American people can make an agreement that they will only go back to work if the politicians work for free as volunteers as our Founding Fathers meant them to do. Plus just think about it that if everyone is collecting unemployment benefits then we will all just be collecting some of our tax money that we were forced to pay. Can you just imagine the statement that would send to Washington. I think nothing would scare them more then to have Americans say, "Screw you, we won't work no more and stick your tax increases up your butt!!"

Okay, I better stop or I will add an 11, 12, and more.

I am so sick of politicians who think they have some right to steal and spend our hard earned money. Then on top of that to listen to them say that we are not patriotic if we don't give them most of our paycheck. They are the ones who are unpatriotic by taking a paycheck and then continuing to get a paycheck once they no longer work in the government.

Okay, just one more quick thing. There is no other politician that needs to be tarred and feathered right now then that idiot in Florida (I refuse to type his name.) who made that most horrendous ad that has probably ever been produced. He can submit to my ass and die quickly. If he wins again then the women and seniors in his district need some mental help. At least some news stations are showing that the other politician said for men to "not" pray for their wives to submit. I only submit if I want to.

Sorry for the book again but you know how I get when you bring up politics.

God bless again.

Uncivil said...

Holy smokes Mrsupole!
That was a good read to wake up to this mornin'.

Reminds me of this quote by Frederic Bastiat

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."

OK...gotta head off to work now and make Uncle Sam some more money.