Sunday, November 15, 2009

News Flash : Lady Hoopster Dominates - Uncivil Takes One for The Team

This lady whooped my old Uncivil a$$

My fellow bloggers. I must admit defeat twice and then some!!!!!!
My local blog buddy Miss Piggy ( 5'8", 140 pounds, 47 years young) has kicked Uncivil's (5'8", 225 pounds 52 years old ) ass all over the Wrightsville Beach basketball court and then some.
She wanted this on video, and the winner was to cut and edit and post on their blog but luckily for me that didn't come to pass.

So me, being the good sport that I am have humbly come before you to tell of the massacre.
We decided to play our games to eleven points by one point scoring. I must say she brought her own ball. I don't even own one???? Don't worry it's on my "exercise equipment to buy" list!

First game she dominates me eleven points to.............are you ready..........are you sure.....well then..............I did manage to score one point in that game!!!!! thought I got skunked didn't you???
Hell, half way make that 1/4 way through the game .........I thought I was gonna have a coronary?
She was lookin' at me funny and says "are you gonna make it?'re not gonna have a heart attack on me are you?"
So, I made it through that game with only my dignity damaged and no massive coronary or anything.
I go for the time out between games while she continues to ply her trade at the net. I'm layin' on the park bench wonderin' if I'll recover for the second game? Certainly I'll recover? Covered in sweat, breathing trying to get back to normal, right knee cap reminding me of an old karate injury, and my dignity begging me to get back out there!

OK Miss Piggy.....I'm ready for round two.........I did manage to score 5 points this time around, and then she wants to play again???? WTF????? She just kicked my old ass twice??? Somehow the best two out of three is already blown to hell??? Besides.....I don't I don't want to press the coronary issue at this time.

So we decide to play HORSE. Dammit.......yes I was a HO and a HOR and then some, and she was still just Miss Piggy???? Got my ass kicked in about three of those games.

So, as Arnold the Terminator once said......"I'll be back". I'm sure we'll have a rematch and I don't know how long I can keep the video camera out of it??????? Pray for me!!!!


jMo said...

If you're playing a pig, shouldn't you be playing football?
I like those shoes.

Uncivil said...

Don't give her any ideas. She might beat me at that to????

Mrsupole said...

So what is the difference between a HO and an HOR?

Nothing, they both lose to Miss Piggy. LOL, Miss Piggy kicks ass.

And I know that I would defintely lose to either of you, it is the arthritis in the knees that would do me in, and the spine and the shoulders, hell it is all over.

Next time we would like a video, well at least a very short and to the point video.

God bless.

Uncivil said...

She brought her camcorder to this game, but we didn't have anyone to film it. I should have brought my tripod I guess?
Hell, the tripod can probably play better than I can?

J at said...

You could beat me, Jimmy, I don't even know how to play.

Don't go all Terminator, unless you want to remember Sarah's last words to it..."You're terminated Fucker!" (Sorry to swear on your blog, but it just doesn't work without the words, you know? If you have any kids reading, just edit it for me, k?)

Uncivil said...

I need to get out there and sweat like that a couple times a week.
Miss Piggy was a high school basketball star back in her day.
I've always sucked at basketball.
Never could shoot, but was pretty good at hustling aound the court.
Now I'm fat an old and my hustling days are over.

bon bon said...

your revenge was posting her age and weight publicly, right? that's playing dirty, sir.

Uncivil said...

bon bon
Not hardly! I thought it was a compliment? She's 47 years old and only weighs 140 pounds at 5'8"?
I'd say she's doing damn good? She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her, and she can run circles around my fat ass on the court.
I'm proud of her to tell you the truth.
Check this out......she can arm wrestle with the best of them too!
I will say she couldn't beat me at least not yet!

Miss Piggy said...

I can't believe you posted this on your blog. You finally played a sport that has some defense involved in it. I will admit you beat me in pool...except when you scratched on the eight ball...well you beat yourself. Arm have to admit...I didn't go down as easily as you thought I would. Thanks for the compliments...I know that was hard for an Uncivil man to do. What's the next challenge?

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
Pool has defense in it. I always try not to leave the other person a clean shot when I miss my shot.
We'll hit the courts again for sure!
You've got my respect on and off the court.

VE said...

Could have been worse...could have been Obama that beat you in basketball... ha!

Uncivil said...

Obama beating me wouldn't be near as bad as Nancy Pelosi doing it????