Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Mornin' Rant

I'm so sick of this hot ass, humid, muggy , stankass dirty south weather!!!!!! Was gonna take the camera out and get some pics but wouldn't you know it......... the lens just fogs the fvck up. I couldn't live in this shit if it weren't for air conditioning. Hell, the dogs don't even want to go out in the shit. They just want to lay around in the cool of the A/C all day.
Sorry for the rant, but sometime you just gotta get on here and say fvck it all!!!!


jan said...

Come on, Jimmy. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Uncivil said...

It's either the weather, traffic, or politics and they're all three fvcked up right now!!!!!!
If I was only wealthy enough to travel first class and dodge shitty weather for months at a time?
I know somewhere on this frikkin' planet....there has to be some perfect weather some damn where? I just need to be there until this stankass shit passes!
Hell yeah, I'm poutin',,,,if my damn lips were poked out any further....I'd trip on em!!!LOL!
Let me pout if me wants too!

Miss Piggy said...

Jan there isn't enough internet space to hold all of his don't provoke his Uncivil self.

Jimmy keep up the good work...keep all them yankees up north by typing about how bad the weather is down here. lol

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
Why you want to be so "Civil"? It's OK to say Uncivil ass, and damn yankees instead of Uncivil self or them yankees?

Hey speaking of yankees. You know what a Yankee is?...........
It's that little string on the end of a tampon!!!!!!LOL!!!!

I have been seeing alot of damn New Jersey license plates down here???? What's up w/that?

Miss Piggy said...

Uncivil, we are going to have to send you up north so you can be a damn southerner. lol

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
Yeah, I can see me up there trying to order grits with my breakfast.
The waitress would be going...WTF????......damn southern hick????.....what the hell is a grit????

J at said...

I feel your pain, Jimmy. OK, not currently, because we have dry heat here in California, but I do remember how bad it could be when I lived in Philly and would visit DC. I'll take 100 degrees and dry over 80 and humid any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

Are Californians yankees? I'm assuming so, but not sure since we're neither north nor south. I have ancestors who are from New Hampshire and Virginia, and I think they all suffered from the humidity. ;)

Uncivil said...

Thank goodness someone understands the misery of humidity.
It's like a steam room. I can handle a dry sauna, but can't stand a steam room.

"Are Californians yankees?" Not in my book. I had to go to the urban dictionary for a damn yankee though!!!LOL

Oh, and another thing that the humidity makes cold weather colder!!!!!
Damn skankass wetness!

C said...

HAHA! Jan is just way too funny! :) I know what you mean though, Jimmy! We've had days like that here. A whole two days of it! LOL! I started to complain about the heat and then all of a sudden, it turned into Winter! Just kidding...but it did cool down a bit. We barely had a Summer. I only went swimming at the beach twice! Last Summer I was swimming EVERY day!

Uncivil said...

We've still got the damn humidity here????
I went out this morning to spray some round-up and came back in soaking wet after less than 30 minutes!!!!!!!
I'm ready for the first frost!!!!

C. K. said...


Uncivil said...

Fvck the humidity!!!!LOL!!!!