Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freshly washed pups

Clean pups, clean sheets, all is well in our universe.
Click the pics for larger view.
Well....all was well until I whipped out the dust vac?????

And this is my sister's boxer "Missy" doing what we affectionately call "The WooooWoooo"!!


jan said...

Missy is ready for a big time recording contract.

Miss Piggy said...

Emily needs to aggravate you with a vacuum. lol Keep the great pics & videos coming.

Uncivil said...

Yeah, I need to get more video of her vocal talents!

Miss Piggy
I'll know she's gettin' old if she ever starts ignoring the vacuum, bless her little heart.

J at said...

Gosh they're cute!

Now that Gen is blind, she is more able to ignore the vacuum, believe it or not. Maybe she's just not sure where to run to get away from it?

Uncivil said...

Poor Gen. She want's to get away from it & Emily wants to destroy it!LOL

Shannon said...

The vacuum is evil and must be punished! Missy has such a sweet woo! She could surely get a job with the local fire dept. as a backup siren!

C said...

Awwww! They are the cutest girls EVER!!!

Uncivil said...

I have to get Missy to do that every time I visit! She's a sweetheart.

Sweet as your's and Jeanna's candy rush!

C. K. said...

I really miss having a dog. When they're fresh out of the shower - that's the time when I would pet them most. Kind of make up for the torture of showering them in the first place. =)

Uncivil said...

Good to see you here again busy lady!!! Gotta go check your blog for an update.