Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally bought a new camera.
Took a while but I decided on the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
I found the camera online for $335 and managed to buy another $164.99 of accessories to go with it. I'm not going to even mention where I bought it, as I have some issues with their online communication skills!!! Not to mention the HIGH PRESSURE PHONE SALES WEASEL!!!!:(
Below are my first shots with it set on automatic.
Yes I'm photographically illiterate!!!!
How photographically illiterate is the Uncivilone????
I still don't have the heart to retire my trusty old 1.3 megapixel Sony Cybershot DSC-S30. It's been my only camera since 2001 when I first entered the cyber world.
All my previous photos were taken with it, and she was great for Ebay photos. My dad still has his and loves it.
OK.....enough crying over the old Cybershot!
My new Canon PowerShot SX10 IS takes video! Yes, I've uploaded some video taken with it today ! The files are quite large for such short clips though? I've got to figure out how to make them a little smaller? Anyone got any suggetsions? They're just short little clips but are huge in megabytes? Didn't even have any clips under 20 megabytes to email?

Anyway.....I love the clarity of the videos. I don't like that you can hear the buttons and the zoom in the audio of the video? I was impressed with the zoom on the river shot with the gal in the boat. But, it's much harder to hold a camera steady than one of those palm held camcorders.

I do like the fact that it does it all ( stills and video). But I will probably get a camcorder in the future?

Then maybe I'll be wishing I bought one of the Canon Rebel SLR's???? I'm way too photographically illiterate for one of those at the moment, so I'll continue to hone my skills with this point and shoot for now!

I had to use my two favorite subjects for my first photo/video shoot with the new toy of course. Abigail and Emily aren't impressed!LOL
Gosh.....they're getting old:(


Uncivil said...

Lordy, I'm such a dumb arse. Got a bad case of CRS (can't remember shit).
I called the camera a "Canon Sx10 Si" instead of a "Canon SX10 IS" in the first video?
It looks alot better on QuickTime player than on this blog format?

Uncivil said...

I don't understand why blogspot will let me click on the first two photos and enlarge them but it won't enlarge the second two when I click on them????Bummer?????

Miss Piggy said...

Good pics & videos Uncivil. Sit Jimmy...sit...good boy (now I am throwing you a Ruby rib). lol It's hard to multi-task with the camera & treats isn't it. Keep up the good work.

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
Now maybe I can get up there to your farm and get some pictures of the deer.

jan said...

Hey, I'm impressed with your skills. Emily and Abigail seem to be saying, "Just get it over." Probably not going to make it as professional dog models with that attitude.

Uncivil said...

Ab & Em were more interested in doggie treats. Will work for food!

J at said...

Good girls! I kinda want a new camera as well, though I'm illiterate like you, so I suspect we'll be waiting awhile. Plus, I spent the same amount on finding out that Gen doesn't have a flea or tick borne virus that you spent on your camera. Too bad she couldn't just tell us, so we could have had the new camera!

Abby and Em sure are sweet, though.

C said...

Awwwww! What sweet doggies!! XO

Uncivil said...

Thanks J
Will go by and see if you posted anything lately on Gen. Hope she's doing OK.
Thanks C

bon bon said...

love your girls!
are you a flickr user? i go to the size i want there than do a copy/paste into my blog. it takes you back to flickr if you click on it, but you have control over the size.

Uncivil said...

Thanks bon bon
I do have a flickr account, but I haven't used it in a while.
I'll have to remember that!
I finally figured out how to make the file smaller in my camera when it takes the shots.

jMo said...

Those actually look very good, YoJ.
Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you, but my place flooded on Saturday and is turned upside down. Can't plug in the computer without blowing a fuse so online at school.
Asshole landlords suing me, old coots threatening to rip up my bathroom, the place is uninhabitable.
No joy.

Ms. Mamma said...

I shed a tear looking at the girls. Charlie is a an old boy as well. I'm feeling bitchy and crampy and weepy. Damn.

Uncivil said...

I'm expecting a post with full details of the swimsuit in the bathroom sink and the ensuing flood!

I think ya need to "diddle" yourself into a better mood!!!!!LOL
It's OK to weep though.The old age thing and watching my pups and parents age gets the best of me sometimes.
Oh, and congrats on that bad ass camera you just bought!

VE said...

It's sad to see dogs getting old. If only they lived longer...