Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emily vs Thelma & Lewie
My first home video on this blog since I started it way back in 2006, courtesy of some major help from my buddy " Miss Piggy" at "Hog Heaven"



Miss Piggy said...

Jimmy "Coon Hunter" what do you do bring all the wildlife home with you? Got any wild boars living with you? lol I liked your video...can't wait to see some more.

jan said...

How cute, tag team wrestling. I could get to be a fan.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for the divine guidance Miss Piggy! Got any oinkment I can borrow?

There will be more. Miss Piggy has created a monster now. A video clip monster. But, it's all old VHS stuff converted over to DVD, & WMV format.

Jeanna said...

I had no idea you could bypass storage on places like YouTube to post video. It came up quickly and played through beautifully.
Amazing, I thought raccoons were vicious beasts, second only to the squirrel for rabies and bad attitude.

Uncivil said...

They are vicious in the wild, but those two were bottle fed from infancy.
I'm glad I wasn't raised to be scared of wild animals, and rabies,and snakes, and fast women!!!
Life would surely have been boring!
And speaking of fast women.....I'll take my chances with rabies!!!!!

Jeanna said...

Well I like snakes...