Monday, June 22, 2009

Abigail 99
The early days



Uncivil said...

My second movie production.
Sorry, it's so blurry. It loses alot from VHS to DVD to WMV conversion I guess?
I'm on a trial version of Cyberlink Power Director for converting DVD to streaming format.
I taped those clips back in 99 with my trusty ol' Magnavox VHS recorder.
Abigail was around 4 months old at the time. Give or take a few weeks.
She was a very inquisitive pup, and very very visual!
Dad had a ceramic monkey piggybank and she couldn't stand that thing. We tormented her with it from time to time!!!LOL
She is still very visual to this day, and will bark at anything that's out of place around the house or yard. She even gets used to the way the cars are parked, and will bark at that if I change the parking arrangements on her, or accidently leave the beer cooler on the porch etc.

I don't think Emily was even born yet, when I taped these clips?

jan said...

what a sweetheart. Whenever i see a puppy I want one. Well, except for the teaching them where to poop thing. I got my four dogs as adults and i do miss puppy activities.

Miss Piggy said...

Looks like she was ice skating in the beginning. Did she threaten to tell on you for something you did so you cut her tail off? lol Keep the videos coming.

Uncivil said...

Abigail is 10 years old this month. It's good to have some clips of her glory days. She was real easy to house train. I think it took less than a week? Emily was the hard headed one though. It took a few weeks for her.

Miss Piggy
Yes Abigail had a tail as a pup.
Now I feel guilty for bobbing her tail. I wanted her to look more like a bulldog than a pug I guess? Had it done when I took her to get spaded. So, she woke up without ovaries or a tail.
We were throwing her toy and watching her retrieve it on the hardwood floors in the corner of the foyer. I snook "Garfield" in the corner on the last throw and she couldn't figure out why he was there? She knew something was out of place?

Jeanna said...

I love how you tortured her with that piggy bank, hilarious.
So you're converting from an old VHS tape; it works so much better than streaming video.
Her energy is great, and people think cats are acceptable pets.
The dog down the hall acts like that. She knows who parks where, knows who is supposed to be driving what car and goes nuts if anything is out of place. My neighbor has had to ask people to move their cars because she'll bark and run around non stop until all is the way it should be.

Uncivil said...

Haha...I would love to meet your neighbors dog. Sounds like a smart puppy!

Jeanna said...

You've seen her on the blog, SoCo (Southern Comfort), part Rot, all sweetheart. She's the one who gives me jump shot kisses.

Uncivil said...

Oh yeah, I remember. You had some cool pics of her playing in the snow!!!!!!

Jeanna said...

And she has her head stuck through the balcony railing in a later one.