Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Puppy Love

It seems we have a local rescue/love story that should make national headlines if it were up to me.

My boss who lives in Jacksonville near Camp Lejeune brought the story to my attention just this morning, and said it has been an ongoing saga in the Jacksonville Daily News for many months.

A walker hound affectionately named "Buddy" was finally rescued Monday after a year of eluding his would be rescuers.

His saga began when Albert Ellis Airport employees here in Onslow County NC noticed him hanging around the airport last year. Although no one could get their hands on him, he somehow managed to capture their hearts instead.

Finally after some $3'200 in donations and lots of local media coverage over the year, a bright young lady decided to take matters into her own hands and lured him into rescue with the help of her little beagle "Roxie"!

Amanda Hickey with the Daily News staff has done a wonderful article on the rescue and I think Miss Terri Riggs and her beagle Roxie should be given some kind of award for Terri's smarts and Roxies magnetic animal attraction!

Read here.....Puppy Love Brings Buddy In

and archives here .......more on Buddy


jan said...

What a sweet story. I have to wonder though if he will like captivity and if he will like being neutered. (Well, you just know that will happen.)

Uncivil said...

A collar embedded in my neck with rotten flesh oozing towards a slow death, or waking up in perfect health without the family jewels? That's a tough one?
The things we have to sacrifice to live?
America.....home of the neutered!

C said...

Hey Jimbo!
It's been a while since I had a chance to pop by my fave blogs. Love the photos of the girls! You really must post lots and lots of pics of those beauties! More photo shoots are in order! :)

I thought of you when I posted my most recent post. When you see the last part of the post (the Engrish part), you'll see why. Thought it would make you laugh.

Uncivil said...

Always a bright spot in my day to have you pop by my dear.
I had to go by and check out your Engrish!
Love what you and all your helpful friends and family have done with "little feets" room.

J at said...

That's a totally sweet story. :) So glad it has a happy ending. And neutering a dog isn't the same as neutering a person, so I suspect he'll be just fine.

One day Ted came home and found a dog in our back yard. Obviously distressed. Rotweiller? I don't remember, this was awhile ago, before we got Gen even, and we've had her for 7 years. Anyway, he put some water out for the dog, CAREFULLY, as it was distressed and growly, and called animal control. They came to get him, and said they were glad...they had been chasing him all day, and were really worried that he was going to get hit by a car or something. Guess it's lucky the latch on our gate was for shit, huh, so he could find his way? I hope he was adopted.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I wish I had the time and finances to do my share with animal rescue. Maybe when I retire?

C said...

Just a quick hello, my friend. Did I ever thank you for the e-mail and photos you sent me of the feet? LOL! Gah. Don't worry. I still love you. Feet scare me...except Little One's feet. They're cute and little.

OMG...Hubby's cracking up watching some Adam Sandler movie. Don't Mess with the Z...whatever it's called movie. Have you seen it?

Uncivil said...

I just googled it.
"You Don't Mess with the Zohan"
Sounds hilarious?
Gonna have to put that on my "to watch" list!
Thanks for the heads up!

Uncivil said...

I just watched the movie trailers....oh, I've got to see it now!!! Funny stuff!

Jeanna said...