Saturday, January 31, 2009

Suzanna Hupp, You are my hero!

Dr. Suzanna Gratia's testimony • March 1992

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule" H.L. Mencken

Are you listening Al Gore??????

"The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." Ayn Rand

"Now that the gun grabbers control Congress, they will redouble their efforts to disarm the law-abiding citizens of America --or make them the "criminals" Ayn Rand mentioned!"

"Per the latest Justice Department census, there are approximately 2.4 sworn officers per 1,000 population. That's about one officer per 400 for so of us. Let's assume that only 1/3 of those officers are on duty during any 8 hour shift. That hikes the number of "us" for each cop to 1200 or more. Now you know why there's never a cop around when you need one."

And my question is, how many of those 2.4 sworn officers are at a desk job that doesn't require them to be on the street protecting you and I?


jan said...

Good post. I have a friend who buys and sells guns, more as a hobby and retirement income and from election day his selling business has soared. 20,000 gun laws? I think the criminals must not be obeying them.

Uncivil said...

All the "gool ol' boy" gun store owners in these parts say they would have voted for Obama if they knew how much their sales were going to increase once he got elected?

Rowing and Sowing said...

Had it not been for our guns last week, I might have witnessed Lucky Dog and my dad being mauled to death by a vicious pit bull while waiting for the police to arrive. Since that incident and being told by the officer who finally arrived 10 minutes after I placed the frantic call that she could arrest us for discharging our weapons in the air, we've been on a mission to make certain she's required to pull those 2 inch glittery, fake fingernails off the end of her trigger fingers - permanently. Arrest US for scaring off a DOG who's getting ready to kill us?

grumbllrumbllgrrr ..... she must not have liked our new road sign? :)

Uncivil said...

I saw your weapons on your "Long Hard Ride" post. You're loaded for bear baby!LOL!!!
Did the Cooper's Hawk catch a bird in that video? I couldn't tell?

What's up with a police woman with "2 inch glittery, fake fingernails" anyway? She probably uses them to scratch the chief's balls???LOL!!!!!

It's finally warmin' up today. Gotta take the girls to the river and a ride to Burgaw with me to check the mail and turn the furnaces on timer for my Lab work tomorrow.

Oh...I liked the vids of Chewy and Miss Jolly. Abigail has a blanky too. I love it when Ab & Em play tug-o-war!

VE said...

I think we should revert back to complete anarchy. It'll be fun!

Jeanna said...

Nice hair.

Uncivil said...

Anarchy....God's way of thinning the herd!

"Nice Hair" WTF......have you been sniffin' Harrison's jock strap again?

Shannon said...

Ayn Rand. She had amazing insight. Atlas Shrugged still gives me chills... We have bought two (MORE) guns thanks to No'bama.
I would never give my gun up. For the crazy critters lurking around my chicken coop alone!
The cop that wanted to ticket that gal for discharging her fire arm should be shot in the butt... imho

C. K. said...

I love Ayn Rand. This is a really good post, Jimmy. I think it's crazy you guys actually have to protect yourself by carrying guns. That's plain scary, man. I don't like guns. But I guess if I was brought up in the southside, I would differently. But still... the idea of having a gun in the house freaks me out.

Jeanna said...

Wrong team, position, and player.
There was a long ass doco on noodling tonight. On PBS of all stations. They brought it to an even crazier level when they hand caught catfish under ice.

Uncivil said...

I figure you guys need a gun, cause the Nobominal Snowman....(I mean "Abominal Snowman") could be lurkin' around your neck of the frigid arse woods.

No need to be scared of a gun unless it's in the hands of a criminal with intent to do you harm.
I think you would enjoy it if you ever went to a firing range and shot a few rounds.

Bought that Malibu yet!

Jeanna said...

Ugh, I drove one yesterday and didn't like it. The door closes like doll furniture, what the hell are they making cars out of these days? I want a car that can take a hit and run into the side of a building.

Uncivil said...

Just go test drive a Honda!!!!!
I bought my first one in 85 and it was still going strong with over 300,000 miles on it when I sold it in 96! I've got a 96 Honda Odyssey that's still going strong with 214,000 miles and I just can't seem to turn it loose for new one yet!

If you're gonna buy a Ford!

Shannon said...

Is that what leaves the yellow snow?? I better get a night scope and some white camo so I can catch me an Obamanable snowman!

Uncivil said...


I bet an Obamanable Snowman would stand out real good in the crosshairs amongst the snowy white landscape!
Oh, and.......
Help me talk Jeanna into buying a Honda Element like you guys have!!!

Jeanna said...

I want a car door the wind can't blow shut.

Shannon said...

We have two Elements and LOVE them!! We use them as service vehicles and I got the pleasure of using one for my own last winter before I got my own vehicle. Now Hubby is looking at a third for his own vehicle. They are awesome!! 24 mpg, crazy short turning radius, cool factor :), can stand two bikes of three dogs in back, or four people. LOVED IT!! I drive an Audi now and miss my Element a LOT!!!
But, we will have another!!!
No regrets... Low cost-period!!, high use- service in a stove shop in NE, no maintenace- nada- oil changes that's it!!... Does that help?!?

Jeanna said...

They look kind of cool, don't they. I like the looks of the HHR too.
But I have to get a GM to save a few thousand on some GM card and it all adds up. Otherwise I'd be all over a Honda, Toyota, or Subaru.
I almost test drove a Saab today, but some guy who was calling about my dead Ford said not to get one because they cost twice as much for even an oil change.
Audi is my fav car, IF I had the money to get one.

Chris Wood said...

There's no real incentive to obey the law when everything seems to be against it. May as well enjoy!

Uncivil said...

Good job. You've even got me interested in buying an Element, but I would probably have to settle for the new Honda fit, cause of the better gas mileage!


I wish I could afford to buy you a Honda, or a Toyota! Maybe if I win the lottery!

Uncivil said...

Hello Mr. Wood!
I must tell you......I visited your blog and it was good! Darn good! Dang it! I'm hooked on another one!!!!
I'll never have time for real life!

Thanks for stopping by and turning me on to your crazy world!

C said...

Still laughing at your last post! :)

Little One sends her hugs for the girls! How are Ab and Em doing?

Uncivil said...

Ab & Em send lots of dog slobber your way to you and the little one!!!