Sunday, January 11, 2009

Manners and Behavior can take you where money can't take you!

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


Uncivil said...

I have to remind myself of this daily!

Jeanna said...

I don't think I've ever seen him before and will have to listen to it when I can hear better (asshole neighbor). I did get the last part from the title. (Tell the asshole neighbor that.)

Anyway, I'm wondering if you make grilled cheese sandwiches at bar time with an iron.

Jeanna said...

Oh, btw, why are you talking about manners and behavior?

J at said...

Manners and behavior indeed. :) I wish more people would remember that, as well as the part about 'it's not what you do when you're on stage, it's what you do when you're off stage'. Listening, Brittney? And so many others? Heck, not just Hollywood. Politicians, big business, etc. If everyone had better manners and behavior, what a country we would be!

Jeanna, you never saw Bill dance with Shirley Temple way back when? That's a classic, and such a fuss to have a little white girl holding a black man's hand at the time! Crazy.

Uncivil said...


I can't believe you never heard of Bill Robinson (the tap dancing butler on the Shirley Temple show)??

I was doing some google searches and just happened upon the clip and it just struck me as profound that a black man would be so proud of America in 1949?

I could probably stand a little behavior modification?

I think I started out doing some searches for the "BoJangles" chicken franchise and wound up completely off track when I found him?

"I'm wondering if you make grilled cheese sandwiches at bar time with an iron." WTF????

I don't even own an iron! If my clothes need ironing....I take them to the laundry cleaners, and if I need a grilled cheese......I go to a restaurant!!!


I still enjoy the old black and white "Shirley Temple" classics to this day! Don't tell would ruin my reputation!!LOL!!!

Jeanna said...

Hey J., I did see that in whatever movie and clips many times. Not putting it all together. I suppose it was a big deal back in the day. Hell, today too in some places.

Jeanna said...

Wasn't putting the name together with anything, James.

IF you owned an iron you'd be on the floor ironing grilled cheese sandwiches after bar time, no? Don't ruin the dream. How you going to get to the restaurant?
Of course you don't own an iron.
Are you telling me you never did that?
Or tried to make soup in your burger maker.

J at said...

Jeanna, I'm a big fan of the grilled cheese...I may have to try that trick some time. Does sliced sourdough work well with an iron? Do you butter the bread first? I need to know.

Uncivil said...

OK,OK, your diggin' for a drunken story...I get it..

I must confess.....I took a leak in the dirty clothes hamper once, and threw my dirty clothes in the toilet!

Jeanna said...

J., hahaha, if you're thinking about buttering your bread, you're ready for the stove. Unless of course you don't have one, then I'd say clean the iron off first before heating (starch and such), very lightly butter the bread, and sourdough would be easier to the newcomer because it's a heartier bread.
It was less of a trick than a wasted college kid necessity.

Jeanna said...

We've all done that, James.

Shannon said...

Allright. Why can't I see it?!? Stupid laptop and Vista64!!