Saturday, September 06, 2008

No way I could ever hunt moose after watching this!



awwww...moose babies! soooooo cute - love this !

Uncivil said...

Hey Wendy
Thanks for stopping by!

J at said...

Jimmy, you old softie! Don't worry, your girl Palin will hunt the moose for you. ;)

When we lived in Alaska, for a bit of time we lived on a homestead out in the woods. One day my mom looked up from washing dishes and saw a cow moose looking through the window at her. Seeing how large the mama is? That cow had twin calves that year, and they hung out in our yard most of the summer. My mom thought that was the tame cow that used to hang out at our neighbors' house, but when she talked to them, they said she hadn't had any babies that year. A mama moose is something you do NOT want to mess with, either. I remember being late for school because my mom couldn't leave moose on one side of our long driveway, napping. Mama moose on the other side, grazing. Coming between a mama moose and her babies is likely to get your car rammed and flipped over. So we would just have to sit there and hope someone would move. :)

Uncivil said...

Now how did I know you were gonna put Palin and moose together in the same sentence? LOL!!!!
My parent's used to have pictures of moose in our back yard in Anchorage from back around 1956 and 57. They were lost in a fire.
I remember one black and white photo of a moose standing next to the clothes line. That was my favorite as a child. Wish I still had those photos!

J at said...

Here you go Jimmy, good for a little laugh:

Sorry about your pictures. Nice to have the memory, I'm sure.

Uncivil said...

That was a hilarious article. I especially liked.....
"Moose are known to move ploddingly about the bush, stopping every so often to graze like large government workers at the staff cafeteria."
That was good stuff!!!!!!

C. K. said...


Jeanna said...

Are you saying you hunted moose before this?

Uncivil said...

I can't find your blog?

The closest I've come to hunting moose....... is camel hunting........uhhh...errrrr.......that would be "camel toe" hunting to be exact!!!!

Miss Piggy said...

Could this be Uncivil Moose (female version) giving a bath to Ab & Em????? I noticed a basketball goal in the video you trying to get some practice in????
Great video.