Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nappy headed pitbulls!

I've gotta find a picture for this!
In the mean time....here's a good nappy hair joke!

NAIR – new use

My neighbor found out her dog could hardly hear so she took it to the veterinarian.
He found the problem was hair in its ears and cleaned both ears and the dog could hear fine.

The vet told the lady if she wanted to keep this from reoccurring she should go to the store and get s ome 'Nair' hair remover and rub it in its ears once a month.

My neighbor went to the drug store and got some 'Nair' hair remover.

At the register, the druggist told her, 'If you're going to use this under your arms, don't use deodorant for a few days.'

The lady said, 'I'm not using it under my arms.'

The druggist said 'If you're using it on your legs, don't shave for a couple of days.'

The lady said, 'I'm not using it on my legs either; and if you must know, I'm using it on my schnauzer.'

The druggist said, 'Stay off your bicycle for a week.'


Uncivil said...

I wish I knew how to market this concept!
I would try to photoshop a picture of my latest idea if my darn picture it publishing software wasn't on the blink!

jan said...

It's a good thing you don't have a radio show. People with no sense of humor would fire your ass.

Uncivil said...

I need to pass this on to Neal Boortz!!!!!

C said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that one, Jimmy! You had me laughing like a crazy woman with the "I'm using it on my schnauzer!"

Well, off to bed I go! I've got a funny post up on my blog too. Not as funny as this one though!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Too funny!

Jeanna said...


C said...

Just popping by to say hello, Jimbo! XO

Uncivil said...

C, Jeanna, & J
Ya'll be carefull with those hair removal products...ya hear!

I'll never be able to look at a schnauzer the same now!!!LOL!!!!

Jeanna said...

Yo, Jimbo, got a package from yall waiting at home. How ascared should I be?

Uncivil said...

Thanks for the heads up. I know it's probably the wrong size, but it should be long enough to cover up your schnauzer?