Friday, September 26, 2008

Get your peanuts, get em while they're hot!

Special ingredients.....add a little dog drool!

Add a little salt!

Cook in Crockpot for 7 or 8 hours!


J at said...

Why do you have to cook them? Assuming they were raw when you got them?

I love warm salty peanuts. Mmmm.

jan said...

dog drool makes any recipe special.

Uncivil said...

My Dad is the greatest.
I went over to his house today and he was cooking peanuts in his crockpot!
I swear, they were the best I've ever eaten?
They were so good, I had to go buy me a peck and I don't do alot of cookin'.
They were even homegrown right here in Castle Hayne?

He said Miss Bradshaw at the barber shop, told him about cooking then in the crockpot. He cooked his for about 7 or 8 hours. Turned the pot off and let them sit overnight.
I swear, I've eaten alot of boiled peanuts, but these are the best!
I put mine on at 2:00 and hope I remember to turn them off tonight at 10:00! I'll let ya know how they turn out tomorrow!

Uncivil said...

J & Jan

You gals are seethearts. I just posted this and you both left comments before I could even post one!!!!LOL


Yes they are raw.....straight out of the ground with the dirt washed off of course. I know you've had boiled peanuts before haven't you?

They are in season here and for sale all up and down the highway!

Jeanna said...

I still need to photograph that confederate flag you sent me. Just guessing from the size and weight of the package. Can't open it until I take the picture.
Wish you and the girls could join us for Dogtoberfest tomorrow. Roscoe is Pepe Le Pew and I'm Cruella De Ville. Or possibly another skunk, depending on how you look at it. I figure he'll last in the beer garden with all those other dogs about ten, fifteen minutes. Enough time to enter the costume contest.
Can't wait to open your package.
Bet you've heard that one before.

Uncivil said...

I don't even have a confederate flag? And I call myself a redneck?

Dogtoberfest sounds like a blast! Wish I could be there to drink a few Lienies w/ya and maybe even get skunked?

Has Roscoe gotten another lady friend since Miss Vickers passed over the doggie rainbow? girlfriend is getting married tomorrow? Who'd a thunk it?

I joined one of them dating/singles interweb sites this past weekend. Sittin here cookin' peanuts, hittin on chics and and cryin' in my beer. Yep, I'm one classy guy?

I haven't found anyone quite as interesting as you yet my dear? My ex girlfriend was even jealous of ya?

Hey, maybe you need to shoot me an email and help me with my "profile".
I'm not havin' any luck yet! Maybe it's cause I'm a 51 year old curmudgeon?

I'm thankful I got you to open my package! Be gentle!


Jeanna said...

You're kidding me? That's crazy! Well the ex-girlfriend was an idiot plain and simple. Take that any way you like.
I think Roscoe will be insane and Karen won't be there until after the costume contest. Phil of course has washed his hands of the entire thing.
Part of the reason Roscoe has been so bat shit crazy is because of Miss Vickers. Roscoe has a play date with Chico and Rosita this morning before Dogtoberfest, but I think Rosita is Chico's woman.
I promise I'll be gentle.
Sure, we could write something up.

Uncivil said...

Oh, man.....I tried the peanuts this morning after letting them sit all night. They are perfect!
Cookin' another batch as I type!


Just shot ya a crazy email! Yep, I'm certifiable insane?!!!LOL
Roscoe needs a gal pal.

C said...

Jimmy, that is so funny...You posting about peanuts and me posting about my Peanut Shell!!! ;)

My Dad cooks his peanuts too and adds salt. He and my Mom love that stuff! I'll mention the Crock Pot idea to him!

Uncivil said...

Hey C
That was so strange when I read your post about your peanut shell.

I've boiled peanuts before, but there is something to be said about the slow cooking in the crock!

The shells seem to stay crispier ,and don't get as mushy. I gave some to my neighbors just a few minutes ago and their kids were scarfing them down!!!LOL!!!


i wonder where you get raw peanuts around here? We dont have them :(
I bet they smell good roasting too - i think id cook them just for that cool roasted peanut smell!

Uncivil said...

They actually don't smell that good when you slow boil them in the crock!
Hmmmm.....I wonder if they grow peanuts in NY?

Jeanna said...

I love that PepĂ© link you left on the Dish! The heart and arrow speed cloud always cracked me up—you are zee corn beef and I am ze cah baj!

Uncivil said...

I'm a "YouTube" junky at times!LOL!!!
It's so nice that you can find old stuff like that on there!

I found a clip to a movie trailer documentary I'm dying to see. Thought it would be at the local video rental store already but they looked at me like I was Crazy!

It's called "Man on Wire"!

Check it out!

Hey, he could do a good voice over for a modern day "Pepe Lepew"!!LOL

On a serious note, the Wiki write up is pretty good!

C said...

Yeah, weird! Guess we're on the same wavelength!

Thanks for the comment you left on my last post. I was feeling kinda bummed, but you always know how to make me smile :) Thanks for that!

I'm going to mention that crock pot peanut thing to my Dad. He eats peanuts like they're potato chips! LOL! Don't know how good that would be for one's health!

Uncivil said...

"Feeling kinda bummed":(
Sorry about that shug! I hope it's just the baby bump blues and nothing serious.

Tell you Dad, they have to be raw peanuts as in just harvested from the ground and washed!