Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Day 2008 at Harry McCoy's Party
Redneckin' in The New Year!!

This is why you don't wear white shirts to Redneck Party's!!!

Hand prints by Harry himself!


Uncivil said...

My Dad and I spent our New Year's Day at Harry Mccoy's Mud Party!!
It's a yearly tradition with Harry! I have no idea how many years he's been doing it, but this was my fourth year at it.
It was rather laid back this year, but the weather was perfect!

Steph said...

Boys and their toys. Happy new year!

jan said...

Thanks for this great look at a most unique culture. I wonder what future generations will think when they see the remains.

Curiosity Killer said...

Ha ha ha! Talk about crazy!! Glad you had a memorable New Year!

VE said...

Yikes, I'd hate to see the size of the spare.

C said...

I guess size does matter...when it comes to boys and their trucks! LOL! I told Hubby that one of the reasons I started dating him was because I liked his massive truck. LOL!

Autumn's Mom said...

Muddy good fun! Happy New Year!!

Uncivil said...

Girls and their battery operated boyfriends?

I think there are several drive shafts,U-joints,and various other truck parts buried in the mud that day, and weren't recovered.
The guy in the white Chevy had a Torque converter blow out the side of the bell housing and it landed at the end of the pit, right in front of his truck.

It just good ole country folks gettin together and enjoying life.

At least you didn't mention the size of those "hand prints"!LOL

That gal kept sayin "Damn? Harry's got big hands?"LOL

"I guess size does matter"?????
I bet that's not all you told hubby that was massive!!!!LOL!

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!

Uncivil said...

Happy New Year!!Dot!!!!!!

Neva said...

This is a hoot!!!Only in redneck world....too funny!

Diesel said...

I have to admit that kind of looks like fun.

Happy New Year!

C said...

LOL! ;)

Love the last photo. It's classic! Are you sure it was Harry's hand prints??

Know what would be even cooler than big trucks getting stuck in mud??? Mud Wrestling...Now that's cool!

Uncivil said...

Happy New Year Neva & Diesel

Yes those are Harry's prints and the girl kept saying "Damm....Harry's got big hands!" over and over!!!!!...Like she was trying to put 2& 2 together!!!!

I didn't stay long enough to see anyone "Mud Wrestling", but I'm sure some drunks eventually found their way into it.
Several folks have wound up in the mud all the other years I attended! And someone always gets thrown in!!!!!!

I would certainly have been in it if I was 30 years younger......or 3 bottles of wine drunker!

Glamourpuss said...

I say, what lot of mud.

Happy New Year, Uncivil.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

From a yuppy chardonnay sipper in Northern CA, I have to say, that looks like FUN. And the gal doesn't look unhappy about the paw prints on her white top, either. ;)

Uncivil said...

Happy New Year back at cha!

I think she wore it as a badge of honor?

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Jimmy, sure looks that way. :)

Jeanna said...

Alls that's missing are some snowmobiles and bottles of Leinie.

Uncivil said...

Long time no see?

Jeanna said...

Been in church.

Uncivil said...

Yeah, we had a church service at the mud pit! It was called "laying on of hands" as evidenced by the last picture!

Jeanna said...

If I were drinking Jell-O shots there'd be some fine redneck lad with a smaller set of muddy hand prints somewhere choice. Look behind you! Yee ha.

Uncivil said...

Well OK.....instead of "lay your head on my shoulders".........Lay your hands on my boulders! Works for me!

Anonymous said...

That last picture literally made me fall off my exercise ball (yes. . I'm one of those WEIRD people who sit on a ball at the computer). . . . . I laughed so hard I made the hedgehog start huffing and popping at me.

Uncivil said...

anon....rachel is that you?