Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ab WorkI had to doctor up Emily's right eye in every picture. The flash was making it look crazy!

My baby needs braces! Maybe I should photoshop her teeth too?


Uncivil said...

I just got the girls back today and tried to get some good pictures of them, but didn't have much luck cause it was so overcast today.Don't ya hate pics taken with a flash?

J at said...

I never thought of getting Gen to work out with an exercise ball! I bought one for me, but, well, you sits in the closet gathering dust. Sigh. What cute girls you have there, photoshopped eyes and all.

Uncivil said...

I just bought mine a few weeks ago on Ebay. I'm using it pretty regular now that I'm trying to run again.
I wish I could get a video of them attacking it. I can't help but toss it at them and tease them a little. Emily tries her best to bite it.
Hey, you can also use the exercise ball as a computer chair! I had an anonymous reader mention that she almost fell off her exercise ball while reading one of my post?

Curiosity Killer said...

Can't imagine what doggy braces would be like.

C said...

Soooooooooo cute!!! LOL!

Jimmy, I love the captions that go with the photos! You are hilarious! xo

Uncivil said...

Poor thing has never even had her teefs brushed:(
Maybe I can get Jeanna to come over and brush them? I hear she's done that with Miss Vickers!

Thanks C
Wait till ya see the next post:)
It's been too long since I posted anything with them in it, and I got camera happy.

J at said...

Oh, Py brushes Gen's teeth quite often. They have peanut butter flavored toothpaste, and beef flavor as well. HA! It does help her breath a bit, though.

Jeanna said...

Miss Vickers puts the "D" in docile and I'm her favorite human; however, I've read where some guy got his arm bitten off by a Rott he's raised from birth for even suggesting it.
Bet your girls would just laugh at you.
But yeah, it helps that ass breath a lot.

Uncivil said...

I'll have to check into that peanut butter toothpaste!
Their breath isn't really that bad yet? depends on how many stray cats leave land mines in the yard.
Then Emily's breath is in direct proportion to the number of cat turds she's eaten!!!LOL


I think they would get a kick out of the peanut butter toothpaste J mentioned! Who knows....maybe I'll use it too?

Jeanna said...

Oh yeah, let them taste it and start with the top teeth. You move the upper lip to get at them. The bottom row is harder.