Sunday, October 28, 2007

Uncivil Googling

General: "What happened to Operator 13?"
Curly: "He swam across the river and died of Potomac poisoning."

Uncivil Warriors


Uncivil said...

I've got to get a life! Sitting here at the computer and Googling "Uncivil". Stopped at blogs like "Uncivil Rights", "Uncivil Litigator" "Uncivil Defense" and left comments for the Uncivil brethren.
I'm bored,just waiting on Ab & Em to get here. Waiting on a friend to come by and we're gonna go out to "Ten Acres" and zero in the scope on his rifle, and I might shoot a few clips from my Glock.
Uncivil is as Uncivil does!

BottleBlonde said...

I absolutely LOVE the Three Stooges! My father used to record as many episodes as he possibly could on VHS, and we'd watch them every weekend.

Curly, of course, was my favorite. Is he your fave, too?

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by Bottleblonde. Curly is everyone's favorite and mine too! Just like everyone loves Hoss Cartwright from Bonanza!