Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 'Everyone's Weird' meme.

C tagged me.

1.What kind of SOAP is in your bathtub right now? Milk & Honey Liquid soap

2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? It's out of season.

3. What would you change about your living room? Everything, I wish I could afford to build a new house. I want ceramic tile everywhere!

4. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? I am the dishwasher, and I’m a little dirty at times

5. What is in your fridge? You’re kidding? MillerLite,Capatin Morgan Private Stock, Gatorade,bottled water,milk,eggs,ham,cheese,mayo,mustard,pickles,Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken,Lean Cuisine Lasagna, and several frozen packages of cooked chicken for the dogs.

6. White or wheat bread? White

7. What is on top of your refrigerator? Honey Nut Cheerios, and two water filters so I’ll remember to change the filters.

8. What color or design is on your shower curtain? Nunya……It’s a glass door.

9. How many plants are in your home? Nunya…..Do fake ones count? A few here and there.

10. Is your bed made right now? No, I have the doggies this week, and there is no use since they will trash it anyway.

11. Comet or Soft Scrub? Doesn’t matter to me. I have trouble with rust. I use “Whink” rust stain remover more than anything.

12. Is your closet organized? Yes and no. Everything above ground is basically organized and I throw my dirty clothes on the floor in the walk in.

13. Can you describe your flashlight? Damn!…….which one? I only have half a dozen. My favorite two would be my blue Maglite 4 D Cell with my initials etched on it (gift from my boss), and my little black SureFire 6P.

14. Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home? Plastic, but I like to eat off of glass.

15. Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now? Nope. Cause I’ll drink it all! I only buy it when I eat out, and I love it southern sweet.

16. If you have a garage, is it cluttered? I’d give my left nut to have a garage again, or even a car port! I kept my ex’s garage pretty spiffy when we were together.

17. Curtains or blinds? Blinds.

18. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2 pillows and two dogs

19. Do you sleep with any lights on at night? I can see the bathroom light. What? You don’t get up in the middle of the night to pee?

20. How often do you vacuum? As needed. Once or twice a week.

21. Standard toothbrush or electric? Totally old school--standard.

22. What color is your toothbrush? Blue & White.

23. Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch? Yes, and it say’s “Wipe Your Paws”

24. What is in your oven right now? Nada.

25. Is there anything under your bed? Nope. My bed is on the floor.It’s easier for the dogs to get up and down that way.

26. Chore you hate doing the most? Dusting, and cleaning up dog hair!

27. What retro items are in your home? Shit!…..My whole friggin home is retro! I live in a 1980 model Mascot Mobile home, and the interior looks like something out of the 70’s

28. Do you have a separate room that you use as an office? Nada……do I seem like the office type?

29. How many mirrors are in your home? Too damn many. The previous owner was a glass installer with a mirror fetish.

30. Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home? Nope! I try to keep a zero balance on the charge card. I use it for an emergency.

31. What color are your walls? Duh? Some kind of off white with tan vertical stripes. It’s cheap ass trailer paneling, and I don’t paint!

32. Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home? Yes. Since Abigail & Emily would only lick an intruder to death, I have a Glock 23 to get up close and personal with.

33. What does your home smell like right now? Emily just farted, so use your imagination.

34. Favorite candle scent? I’m scared of candles!

35. What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now? Mt. Olive sweet cubes for making tuna salad.

36. What color is your favorite Bible? I left the bibles with the ex!

37. Ever been on your roof? Yes! Easier to clean the gutters that way. Yeah, I have gutters on my trailer! You got a problem with that?

38. Do you own a stereo? Nope, my computer is kick ass enough for that.

39. How many TVs do you have? One, 1989 model 20 inch Mitzibichi. It lasted longer than my marriage!

40. How many house phones? None. Hell, I can’t even keep up with one damn cell phone!

41. Do you have a housekeeper? Uhhh...I think that would be me. I do have a young lady that I can call on when I get real lazy!

42. What style do you decorate in? I don’t friggin decorate?

43. Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? I don’t really give a shit! Which one is the cheapest? It’s gonna be covered in dog hair anyway.

44. Is there a smoke detector in your home? Two of em.

45. In case of fire, what are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip? I would make sure Abigail and Emily were out before anything else.

I haven’t been blogging much, but I saw where C tagged me and felt a compelsion! Ain’t a gonna tag anyone!


C said...

Love your answers! :) I haven't been blogging much either. I've been out of town for almost two weeks. I'm home now and can catch up on my fave blogs :)

I especially love your answer to #45.

Your other answers made me laugh :) #27 just made me think "Bow chica wow wow"! LOL and reminded me of "That 70's Show" for some reason :)


Uncivil said...

Thanks, You nailed it "That 70's Show"!!LOL!!

Rachie-Babe said...

I hadn't been blogging in a while either when I noticed Ms. Mamma tagged me! I felt ROTTEN for taking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to notice! ;.-)

J at said...

Does that rust remover work? We have a little bit of rust in the bottom of our bathtub, but scrubbing with anything too strong (aka, steel wool) will ruin the porcelain (or whatever it is).

If I HAD a left nut, I'd gladly give it for a garage.

I can't leave the bathroom light on, because it blinds me when I need to go in the middle of the night. Solution? A dim night lite. :)

I did this meme a few days ago. Fun!

VE said...

45 meme questions. Are you insane? Milk and Honey liquid soap? Are you insane? A 1989 TV? Are you insane?

Uncivil said...

Us minimalist gotta stick together!


"Whink Rust Stain Remover" is the best product I've ever used on the toiletries.

check it out so you will know what to look for!

The things we will sacrifice for a garage???!!!LOL!!!

I checked your meme out and tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn't take? Will go back and try later!

I think we're all weirdly insane, and we tend to get more insane in the cyber world.
So, you wanna buy me a new TV?

Glamourpuss said...

'What colour is your favourite Bible?'?! Who has a Bible, never mind a favourite one?


Beenzzz said...

I want you to know that I spit my coffee out when I read #43. It cracked me up!

Uncivil said...

Have you been molested by a minister or something? You've been down on the good book lately? Hey, it beats the Quaran!!!!!

I'm just bluntly honest like that sometimes!

Steph said...

Americans and pickles. I just don't get it.

Uncivil said...


You just haven't found the right pickle!

C said...

Hey, Jimmy...

I'm baaaaaaaaack! ;) LOL!