Saturday, September 08, 2007

Introducing the "Undisputed Yorkie-Weight Champion" of the world........ Hurricane HarleyMan!

Now where did I bury that doberman pinscher?

You want a piece of me? Well do ya punk?

Harley sitting in his Dad's lap. This is my little brother and sis-inlaw's doggie. They got the little bugger sometime this summer and I'm just getting around to posting pics!

Harley with his trusty sparring partner Billie the Cat!

Harley has friends in high places!

That's a squirrel my little brother bottle fed, and he's coming to the back porch for some sunflower seeds!

I just emailed my little Bro & Sis in-law! Trying to get them to post a comment about Harleyman, and maybe they will tell you a little bit about Billie the cat too!!!! And squirrelly too!


Steph said...

That's a great shot with the squirrel.

Uncivil said...


My sis-inlaw thanks you! She took all those beautiful pics!

Glamourpuss said...

Nope, still not getting the dog thing...


Uncivil said...

I think Billie the cat likes dogs better than you do?

C said...

LOL! I love the pics! What an adorable doggie! I love how the cat is even bigger than him! Too cute!

Uncivil said...

Oh, so we're going by C now? must be getting serious about trying to be more anonymous?
I don't even know how much Harley weighs now? He's not much bigger than the squirrel!LOL!!!
They had to give him a manly name cause he was so small!!!!
I was hoping Sis-in-law would come on here and give us his details!

Anonymous said...

Hi All -
Harleyman is my pride and joy. We got him back in May a couple days before we left to go to bike week in Myrtle Beach. We are Harley riders and really liked the name Harley so, hence Harleyman. I also thought it fitting to give such a "girly" dog a "macho" name like Harley.
He goes with me everywhere that I can take him. He has a stroller that I like to push him around in and he of course loves it!
He follows me everywhere I go, and of course I do not mind at all!
Well, that's a little about Harley - and yes he loves his Uncle Jimmy and cousins Emily and Abigail!

Uncivil said...

Yea, Sis in-law made a comment on my blog. That was so good, you need to start your own blog sis! I've been told that most teachers have one!!!!
Now we got ot get bro to comment!
On second thought, that could be dangerous? LOL!!!!

Diesel said...

Why would you bottle-feed a squirrel?

Uncivil said...

Bottle-feed is a figure of speech. You actually do it with a small syringe with the needle removed.
He found the little baby squirrel in his back yard. We're assuming it fell out of the nest. It was starting to rain and get dark and it didn't look like the mother was going to rescue it, so he intervened.

VE said...

Do you have that squirrel tacked up to that screen for decoration??!! I'm calling somebody...

C said...

Awww! Too cute! Hello, Uncivil's SIL! Harleyman is adorable. Some friends of mine are totally into Harleys too and they've been riding for years. Now, they've also got a dog, but for a couple who are big into bikes, I was thinking they'd have a Rottweiler or a Pit Bull...or something big! Nah, they've got the smallest, yappiest, "Paris Hilton" type doggy! Sure, he's cute (the dog), but it totally threw me off to see a biker couple like them and a teeny, tiny doggy like the one they have! :)

My dog? Well, he's big and furry! Ummm...well, not that furry anymore! At least not after the haircut I gave him! Poor boy! LOL!

Ms. Mamma said...

That dog needs its own sidecar! Sweet.