Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I need another valium! I just got through showing my ass at the local US Cellular store. I'm too pissed to go into detail! I don't take to well to sorry service and shitty attitudes from sales people! Needless to say I smashed 2 (yes 2 Kyocera)cell phones on their damn concrete sales floor and walked out.
I didn't curse other than mention shitty service, but the way the young girl ran from her booth to the back of the store, and the looks I got from some prick salesman ,and his two customers as the two phones bounced off the floor and went into a million pieces was priceless. No one said a fvcking word to me after that. I calmly turned around, walked out, got in my car and left!

I'm sitting at home waiting on the cops now? Can they arrest me for that shit? They were my phones! I can smash them if I want to right?

I'm selling the chargers and batteries on Ebay!


Glamourpuss said...

I thought that's what dogs were for - kicking I mean.


C said...

WOW! LOL! At least you can sell the batteries on eBay. Cell phone batteries are super expensive! I think my battery is probably now worth more than the phone itself! LOL! I've got the newest LG but I got it for free since I have been with my provider since 2001. Hmmm...I guess it's not really free then! LOL!

Shoot me an e-mail. I'm anxious to know why you smashed the phones in the first place! LOL!

Steph said...

Good for you. I think they'd only arrest you if you threw the phones AT the salespeople.....not that they probably didn't deserve it.

Diesel said...

Is this what people mean by 'cell death'?

Ms. Mamma said...

Can you blog from jail?

J at said...

Go, Jimmy, GO! That's totally awesome. Customer service is for shit nowadays...partially because they give the people NO decent training, and partly because they give them no power over the situation they are put in. If they have some ownership, my experience is, they care more about helping you. But then again, most big companies want to get rid of folks after they hit a certain pay grade, so they're always bringing in new folks that don't know shit.

I had a similar experience with AT&T recently, except my problem was with the people on the phone, so I couldn't break anything. Damn it. I did send TWO letters of complaint, and I cc'd the CEO of AT&T. I think that helped, as I finally got my money back, after months of fighting.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for all the comments and support everyone. Been real busy at work and my mom came up to stay w/me for a week or two?

I'm not in Jail!!!! I haven't heard from the law or US Cellular for that matter.
I was just worried cause the first phone bounced about 6 feet off the floor and headed in the direction of the young lady/bitch that pissed me off in the first place.

That crazy hoe ran to the back of the store like someone had gone off on her ass before.

I was thinking she might try to accuse me of assault of some crazy shit like that.

I think they knew they were the cause of my frustration ,and probably decided not to tell the boss because of their sorry work ethic, just to cover their own sorry asses?

I think it was the rebublican comming out in me? If you can't respect will damn sure fear me!LOL!!!!!!!

OK....gotta go entertain mom now!!!!

VE said...

Awesome! I wish the whole thing were on Youtube. I've always wanted to smash cell phones in front of obnoxious attitude-laden sales kids!

Rachie-Babe said...

Ah. Yes. The pissed off counter slam. My dad did that once. In Hardees. With a burger not made to his liking. Splatter. Mush. Red, Yellow, and Pickles everywhere. I'm certain he looked considerably more ridiculous than you did. After all phones are way more of a commitment than a hamburger!

Grundir the Implacable said...

I would have run them through with my broadsword.

Uncivil said...

I was wondering if they had it on video in the store's surveillance camera?


I threw a Subway Club sandwich against the wall behind a servers head one day! It was due to shitty service with an attitude! I figured I would show them what attitude was?


I thought you were with the meme police?

Rachie-Babe said...

:-) You let that Subway worker have it!

downeast buddy said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry for laughing at your moment of angst, but that was funny as HELL. Reminds me of the time some asshole doc who I had to see in the interim while my insurance was getting all changed around told me (in his foreigner voice) Meeeses I has allleady told you that I veal not refill your Valium until I has seen you at least tree times and has accessed your siteation.......blah blah blah". Being the calm, nice and quiet southern lady that I am, I slowly and quietly stood up from my chair and calmly pointed my silent finger across the desk in the direction of his face and said "let me tell you one GD thing right now" (and I heard "if you do not leave me office right now, I veal call security on you right now." MFr. I left, slammed the door as loud as I could, and proceeded to storm down the corridor halls (in a maze) wondering if I would pass security officers on the way to the GD EXIT!! I found a phone booth and immediately called my regular doc and said "I think I'm about to get thrown in jail cuz I just cussed this F****G half-wit doctor over here out". She said "NO, you didn't?" I said "YES, I DID - all I want is a FARKIN refill on this DAMN VALIUM!!" lmao - she said "come on over -I'll write it NOW!" hehehe Thank God I didn't have a cell phone on me that day or I would have probably commenced to have poked his beady eyes with the antenna!

Uncivil said...

Good one Downeast!
You need to start blogging again!

Sherry said...

Downeast that was funny!But you have always made me laugh!
Love Ya!

Uncivil said...

Maybe you can get Downeast to start blogging again?????