Saturday, September 08, 2007

Boss meets the girls!

My friends finally brought their beautiful new bullie "Boss" over to visit Ab & Em. The picture above is the only one where I could get all three of them together for a shot and Emily blended in with the black mat so you can't really see her. It was so hard to get any decent shots of them? Sorry!

Boss was the perfect gentleman and my two girls behaved like comeplete hosebags! Ab & Em were jealous of each other! When Emily wasn't snapping, and whoring at Boss, she was stealing all the chew bones and hoarding them in the corner.

Emily was hoarding while Abigail was whoring! LOL!!!

Boss is trying to be sexy, and aloof above while Abigail tells him all her dirty little secrets below!

Above, Abigail tells Boss "That's one crazy hosebag in the corner with the chew bones, but I think we can take her!"
Below, Emily being unsociable and hoarding her chew bones!


Glamourpuss said...

Dogs are strange.


Uncivil said...

Not as strange as the kitties!

Hope said...

Looks perfectly normal to me! What a gorgeous trio.

Uncivil said...

Thanks Hope, I'm waititng for the weather to cool off so I can take them to the dog park and socialize them a little more.

Jay said...

Ya gotta love the pups.