Thursday, June 07, 2007

Steph with her Men Have No Sense Of Humor! post was my inspiration for this post.

Below is the biggest laugh I've ever had with a gal, and I'm sure she will never forget me! I'll never forget you Debbie!LOL

We were in my bed and I was giving her a tongue bath. She failed to notice the "Alka-Seltzer" I had hidden in the palm of my hand!

She was really getting into it when I snuck that bad boy in. I was face to face with that muff, and it was foaming like a rabid cat! She screamed, "What did you do? It burns?"

I said, "let me fix that love", jumped up and pounded it on in, while saying "well it doesn't burn me? but it is a little bubbly?"

Then I told her what I had done. We both had a good laugh, but she told me to never, never do that again!

Now every time I think of "Alka-Seltzer", I think of my version of their commercial!
"Plop, Plop, Jizz, Jizz, Oh what a relief it is!"


Anonymous said...

I can actually picture you doing this. I'm not sure if that makes me sicker than you or

Uncivil said...

JP.......From JawjA? Is that you girl?

kim said...

No - Anonymous is actually Auntie Gretchen, Uncivil.


I haven't done an Alka Seltzer gag in bed yet, coz I thought the guy may not appreciate it... but this post changed my mind. So in case it doesn't work the way I want it to be, Uncivil, I'll be blamin' you!


Uncivil said...


Are you going to do the "Alka Seltzer gag" to the guy? Ouch! He's not gonna like where you're gonna have to put that thing?

I don't recommend it. Debbie said she would kill me if I ever did it to her again!

I hope and pray my Aunt Gretchen never reads my blog! I don't even want my ex to read this one, even though I told her about it long ago!

Chrissy121875 said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG.......You are soooooooooo BAD!! LOL!

Uncivil said...


I can't go to sleep now. Oh the shame of it all!LOL!!!!!

Glamourpuss said...

If that happened to me, I'd rub vapour rub all over his knob. And watch him squirm....



Curiosity.Killer said...

You ARE Uncivil.

This is hilarious... but I'm really glad I know you in person. I don't need the full visual.

Uncivil said...


I hope I never "rub" you the wrong way!

I've used vapour rub in a situation before. I had a friend passed out drunk. I smeared a bunch of it on his upper lip and nose area. It took a while, but it finally woke him up!


I fianlly lived up to my name on here! I was beginning to think I had fizzled out in my old age!

Princess of the Universe said...

I'm always relieved when I find a guy with a sense of humour in those situations.
When you can find a guy who can do the job, while carrying on a full hilarious conversation at once...he's a keeper.

It's such a turn off to get told "whatever you do...don't laugh!" Insecure much?

Uncivil said...


LoL! I like to get verbal and humor sure beats the hell out of crying!

Steph said...

Imagine if she farted. She could have blown a bubble out of her arse.


Uncivil said...


You sound like you have been in this predicament before?